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00:00 intro
03:52 new champion trailer vex
09:16 how to become mod
11:32 nautilus supp
23:55 annie mid
31:06 outro

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  1. Hunter Billman

    Hunter Billman

    Dag sedan

    my wife hates the T1 mug, I'll never get rid of it tho, just built different

  2. Trihyo


    7 dagar sedan

    thatnautilus game had me emotionmal.. the way he hit no

  3. chris vangelis

    chris vangelis

    9 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  4. JuneWhon Kwon

    JuneWhon Kwon

    10 dagar sedan

    13:47 Don't pick lucian :( 15:51 I love lucian :)

  5. Murad Sultanov

    Murad Sultanov

    12 dagar sedan

    Replay that fight at 15:40. Why doesn't Yone's ult hit Ziggs (15:43)?

    • Daniel Haugan

      Daniel Haugan

      12 dagar sedan

      Ziggs was barely underneath it

  6. Paandaas


    13 dagar sedan

    The hot babe thing killed me lmao

  7. Francis D

    Francis D

    13 dagar sedan

    If “hello fellow teenagers” was a champ

  8. YourPalBenFrank


    13 dagar sedan

    bro you are hilarious 23:20

  9. garrett cool

    garrett cool

    13 dagar sedan

    eeeeeaee help help helpeearararara

  10. Gamer bacon paper

    Gamer bacon paper

    14 dagar sedan

    noob ragger haha ez get gud mad kid ‌‌

  11. Fina Ng

    Fina Ng

    14 dagar sedan

    The legend of Scream is here yeaaah

  12. Highlight HD

    Highlight HD

    14 dagar sedan

    75 is sunny for you ?

  13. Ms.Yawhaw


    14 dagar sedan

    Tyler1 fun fun

  14. Mahmod Elkastawy

    Mahmod Elkastawy

    14 dagar sedan


  15. neonskii ღ

    neonskii ღ

    15 dagar sedan

    Someone said u died

  16. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    15 dagar sedan


  17. Andrew Raps

    Andrew Raps

    15 dagar sedan

    fuck autozone

  18. randomguy123


    15 dagar sedan

    hahah so the reason for him hitting no was bc he want to hostage his team rather than he think it winnable but hey still a W tho. built different af

  19. Tyler1 fanxd

    Tyler1 fanxd

    15 dagar sedan

    rip alpha toxic draven, hello beta nautilus support

  20. larcous.


    15 dagar sedan

    SUP SUP WHAAAT DAP!!! lmao

  21. Aldo Castillo

    Aldo Castillo

    15 dagar sedan

    T singing Energy by Drake is def a highlight thanks for putting it

  22. Miedźwiedź


    15 dagar sedan

    hehe xd XD

  23. Jason Edokpa

    Jason Edokpa

    15 dagar sedan

    Why was a semi truck 300 miles away from a gas station?!?!

  24. Sultan Alawad

    Sultan Alawad

    15 dagar sedan

    “Time is money” while proceed playing lol for 25 hours a day.

    • Dxvid


      11 dagar sedan

      Makes atleast 1k in a single day

    • DickSquad !

      DickSquad !

      13 dagar sedan

      well he made more money in those 25h then you will do in 2 months so he is right

  25. Andrea Nicole

    Andrea Nicole

    15 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  26. thatanimator


    15 dagar sedan

    "I wonder why this vid is called "I voted no""

  27. Robin Bodare

    Robin Bodare

    15 dagar sedan

    23:17 That graph is a fking trigger. MASTER tier and his top didn't even buy 1 pink in a 32 minute game.

    • 5 -iwnl-

      5 -iwnl-

      13 dagar sedan

      It’s not needed bruh NA challenger can be achieved off mechanics alone literally

  28. Era


    16 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  29. Flqwless__


    16 dagar sedan

    33:30 I swear I almost shit my pants of laughter holy.

  30. SirMatic


    16 dagar sedan

    The chat was more excited about the new moderator than the actual champion reveal. Lmfao

  31. Burner Account

    Burner Account

    16 dagar sedan

    20:41 is just a cocky nocturne and Tyler capitalized on it lmao

  32. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook

    16 dagar sedan


  33. DarkAlpha171


    16 dagar sedan

    Dat Missouri education at its finest

  34. Kiro Legend

    Kiro Legend

    16 dagar sedan

    Tyler never pressing W on nautilus wtf

  35. Adam Bajužík

    Adam Bajužík

    16 dagar sedan

    he voted no

  36. ZzCatBurritozZ


    16 dagar sedan

    Every League SE-oner ever: I CARRIED T1 AFTER HE WANTED TO FF Tyler1: I VOTED NO

  37. Sam Lee

    Sam Lee

    16 dagar sedan

    Bro Tyler’s merch can not be serious 😭😭

  38. A wild Udyr

    A wild Udyr

    16 dagar sedan

    Where were you when Tyler voted no?

  39. Kieserite


    16 dagar sedan

    We need a shirt with a long ass wall of text on the back saying "I voted no, I will admit it. At 19:58..." etc.

  40. David Whalen

    David Whalen

    16 dagar sedan

    Channel 5 news needs to do an expose on our boy BIG T! Man's got hot BARS!

  41. ponder


    16 dagar sedan

    Vex reminds me of Raven from Teen Titans

  42. dædking


    16 dagar sedan

    Tyler1 made history with this video for voting no for the first time of his whole career of league of legends

  43. Heartbeach


    16 dagar sedan

    HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SHIT! ZIDANEEEEEEEEEEEE! se-one.info/cycle/l9-re6ljpqGRqsw/video

  44. Stefan Smiljanic

    Stefan Smiljanic

    16 dagar sedan

    hehe xd Don't worry tyler I got your desc

  45. GAMER_25 BGッ

    GAMER_25 BGッ

    16 dagar sedan

    Nyok nyok



    16 dagar sedan

    I HIT NO! xD

  47. Massoud Ahmadzai

    Massoud Ahmadzai

    16 dagar sedan

    he missed all his hooks t1 fr go practice naut

  48. Chavvo Bimbo

    Chavvo Bimbo

    16 dagar sedan

    Kaisa + Lissandra on crack

  49. Pyry Leinonen

    Pyry Leinonen

    16 dagar sedan

    I had a whole bluetooth speaker in front of my face, on 100 volume. I figure you'd guess the rest.

  50. Somethingelse


    16 dagar sedan

    aaaah I loved the sales talk at the end

  51. zet se

    zet se

    16 dagar sedan

    Deformed BigBrother

  52. Dími PHD

    Dími PHD

    16 dagar sedan

    Alternative entity construction detected

  53. Gritz Gaming

    Gritz Gaming

    16 dagar sedan

    I’d just like to take a moment to be so proud of twitch chat. During Tyler’s story not a single “ source: trust me Bro” in the chat. 🙏🏽 So clean chat 👏🏾👏🏾

  54. Obe


    16 dagar sedan

    Wtf T has never voted no before

  55. Nishant Joshi

    Nishant Joshi

    17 dagar sedan

    That hook at 13:30 pretty much sums up nautilus

  56. LALA -

    LALA -

    17 dagar sedan

    cayla's and tyler's relationship is so cute

  57. Santiago Almaraz

    Santiago Almaraz

    17 dagar sedan

    2000 lbs is the weight of a small car 😂😂😂😂 turkey built different

  58. Nine's Own Goal

    Nine's Own Goal

    17 dagar sedan

    Tyler is the only person that runs it down, goes 0/10 and then blames his own team. Truly build different

    • Knight of Faith

      Knight of Faith

      17 dagar sedan

      Not true. Everyone in my silver matches does that.

  59. Lars Cuomo

    Lars Cuomo

    17 dagar sedan

    League is Tyler’s Shadow

  60. Harry Garen

    Harry Garen

    17 dagar sedan


  61. Christopher Haskins

    Christopher Haskins

    17 dagar sedan

    true #winnable gg

  62. dot dot

    dot dot

    17 dagar sedan

    hehe xd for the engagement

  63. bruh momento

    bruh momento

    17 dagar sedan

    In the Annie game I doubted 60k xDDDD

  64. Lucky


    17 dagar sedan

    I gotta admit that nautilus game was the most iron player I’ve seen in my entire life. I can play nautilus better blindfolded

    • Immanuel Rundel

      Immanuel Rundel

      14 dagar sedan

      Now kiss, boys.

    • Lucky


      17 dagar sedan

      @Cheif Boom that’s fair and I respect you for this

    • Cheif Boom

      Cheif Boom

      17 dagar sedan

      True but I'm a t1 fanboy so I must disagree and flame you

  65. Carl


    17 dagar sedan

    running hard once a week is the high bar of cardio

  66. Mega Blaster

    Mega Blaster

    17 dagar sedan

    Im shown in chat 9 times om happy

  67. Shuai Zhou

    Shuai Zhou

    17 dagar sedan

    Autozone literally just got a free sponsored this video

  68. Mustafa Birkan Özcan

    Mustafa Birkan Özcan

    17 dagar sedan

    Dude i would really like to buy a hoodie and have hot babes all around me but its nearly %20 of a monthly wage here lol.

  69. rinocurry


    17 dagar sedan


  70. boom boom

    boom boom

    17 dagar sedan

    Aa pffff he hit no

  71. David Ouředník

    David Ouředník

    17 dagar sedan

    Funny how people are gonna buy your shirts and idk just because they want to atleast feel like you:D sad, kids. Anyway great games, wp.

  72. Mason


    17 dagar sedan

    Donator: "How much do your mods get paid per hour?" Tyler: "W-well you see... well the exposure they get per hour is probably worth-" lmfao

    • Sam


      12 dagar sedan

      Lmao when was that

  73. ArKα


    17 dagar sedan

    i vote no :tf:

  74. League Fight TV

    League Fight TV

    17 dagar sedan

    Good thing I play with shadows off thank god

  75. sharbel simon

    sharbel simon

    17 dagar sedan

    Sup Sup

  76. Rhaps X

    Rhaps X

    17 dagar sedan

    what my friends think i watch tyler1 for: 17:08 what i actually watch tyler1 for: 24:03

  77. Garrett Plank

    Garrett Plank

    17 dagar sedan

    so they made a champ for Fortnite emo nine year olds, I men she literally called someone a fucking normie how cringe can RIOT get.

  78. So 'n Affe

    So 'n Affe

    17 dagar sedan

    Tyler really is formed in some untypical manner

  79. Yanick


    17 dagar sedan

    People always say "vote Biden" "Vote Trump", tyler is a different breed and voted "No". True genius

    • Spaceglidin’ Mio

      Spaceglidin’ Mio

      13 dagar sedan

      Good one LOL

    • Ms.Yawhaw


      14 dagar sedan


    • M R

      M R

      14 dagar sedan

      @P4F Ace it’s hilarious

    • P4F Ace

      P4F Ace

      16 dagar sedan

      Obv you like that America is getting destroyed

    • Mister Deer

      Mister Deer

      16 dagar sedan

      @Adolf hitler gaming Tyler gonna make League great again

  80. Nathaniel Maali-Pohl

    Nathaniel Maali-Pohl

    17 dagar sedan

    New champ reminds me of lissandra

  81. The Sause Boss

    The Sause Boss

    17 dagar sedan

    take about out. " THAT IS ALL MY DAY ENTAILED." God damnit man

    • Knight of Faith

      Knight of Faith

      17 dagar sedan

      He could have just said, "so that was my day."

  82. Arien


    17 dagar sedan

    Tyler1 completly build different imagine driving to a gym which has to be like atleast 200 miles far away in 40 minutes. Well that is if a Gasstation is between his Home and thr Gym he is driving to

  83. James Reimer

    James Reimer

    17 dagar sedan

    LOL at the nautilus play. Not saying I'm better, but I take W first since landing hooks is a dangerous thing to rely on

  84. whYLiE09


    17 dagar sedan

    "Nobody builds mobies anymore" Basically all Thresh players: "Oh. Ok."

    • Jared Barajas

      Jared Barajas

      15 dagar sedan

      Used to always go mobis but simple merc treads or plated makes you feel so hard to kill early in lane

    • Tobias Siagian

      Tobias Siagian

      15 dagar sedan

      I always build mobis on supp

    • Sverre


      15 dagar sedan


    • Amoxl


      16 dagar sedan

      well he meant on naut

  85. baphyyy


    17 dagar sedan

    Tyler 1 thinks a semi truck weighs 2000 pounds

  86. Arturas Roginskis

    Arturas Roginskis

    17 dagar sedan


  87. Gray


    17 dagar sedan

    this is the closest he's done to his old intro stories in a while

  88. Pongsapak Subpokatorn

    Pongsapak Subpokatorn

    17 dagar sedan

    Tyler voted no because he saw a future truly built different.

  89. Stephen Noodlez

    Stephen Noodlez

    17 dagar sedan

    Big T so big he voted to surrender early purely for content, then voted no because he is so big and never loses a game no matter the circumstances. Truly conglomerated in a manner that is rather in opposition to the construct that is mediocrity.

  90. Isiah


    17 dagar sedan

    Tyler I need my poster

  91. jin


    17 dagar sedan

    Tyler1 and his obsession with hot babes

  92. ReSaD H

    ReSaD H

    17 dagar sedan

    Vex, more like kexw I fucking out this game lmao

  93. Winged Hussar

    Winged Hussar

    17 dagar sedan

    Bro who spends $20 on a mug lol, so many rich kids out there

  94. barcode humans

    barcode humans

    17 dagar sedan

    those who vote no in rank are such chads

  95. Paquequeremosmas


    17 dagar sedan

    Did he vote no?

  96. Lino


    17 dagar sedan

    HEHE XD!

  97. ThinkAhead


    17 dagar sedan

    7:38 WTF IS THAT TP THATS INSANE , also 15:06 nerf ziggs tower damage pls tyvm Riot Games

  98. Dustin Lifts

    Dustin Lifts

    17 dagar sedan

    Yo t1 get doc on your next powerlift stream as he says he is just more athletic than you. Doctor as the other team captain yo the content and roasts would be funny af.

    • Helpy


      17 dagar sedan

      @Dustin Lifts Yeah I agree I just wonder if it’ll even happen sadly

    • Dustin Lifts

      Dustin Lifts

      17 dagar sedan

      @Helpy yeah but 2 big streamers as a captain with smaller streamers on both teams. Its just tyler1 always mentioned doc in the old days like when he played h1z1 he said doc is his favourite streamer. I dont know if he still is but yeah i dont know.

    • Helpy


      17 dagar sedan

      @Dustin Lifts So I doubt he will because he would be cherry picking doc as a person when the point of his powermeets is to expose the health and fitness category on twitch and the small streamers within it. It is a good idea but I just don't think he would but who knows, one big streamer wouldn't hurt (If he's allowed to appear in a twitch event in the first place)

    • Dustin Lifts

      Dustin Lifts

      17 dagar sedan

      @JCFRZSV thats why i want him in the show as he said to tyler his arms are better than his and he is more athletic than tyler and i disagree t1 is a beast at anything so let doc get proved wrong.



      17 dagar sedan

      Have we ever seen Doc lift? Dude's like 6'7" or something. I cant imagine good form from him.

  99. Tung Nguyen

    Tung Nguyen

    17 dagar sedan

    When is the next twitch rivals event?

  100. PotatoGodzilla


    17 dagar sedan

    He didn't know what else to say and he just said "Hot babe" *KEKW*