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00:00 intro
02:59 11.12 patch notes
11:20 draven
25:31 urgot top
33:48 outro

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  1. Poopstar123


    19 dagar sedan


  2. Alkalite


    21 dag sedan

    Someone tell Tyler that prodigy and protégé are two different words.

  3. maou shine

    maou shine

    23 dagar sedan

    Mam i play with 140 ms and 30 fps 😂 man comper to me u are in heaven

    • wptny


      21 dag sedan

      Mam I play the game at 400 ms and 1 fps 😂 man comper to me u are in heaven stfu nobody cares that you play on a potato

  4. Orthane


    Månad sedan

    Hecarim is becoming the new Irelia. "Hec has fallen out of must pick/ban BUFF HIM"

  5. muntazer ekko

    muntazer ekko

    Månad sedan

    How much u are kid tyler 120ping its good

  6. Big Boi

    Big Boi

    Månad sedan

    My heart started racing when ever i play Draven idk why but I'm scared that i may have heart attack. Any tip guy? :(

  7. Freddy Perla

    Freddy Perla

    Månad sedan

    LMAOHAHhahahahahahaha " what about Amumu, he needed a FRIEND!!!"

  8. zsmilex3


    Månad sedan

    "When Riot finally accepted Tyler1" Congrats - Timeout & reformed Tyler1 & Won

  9. Fatyga Lone Nuno

    Fatyga Lone Nuno

    Månad sedan

    the guy that said "mundo deported" when mundo got trapped by taliyah in the dragon pit man, chat is to fucking funny slmetimes

  10. ZERO HP


    Månad sedan

    T1 fighting for his life against his own selfts: se-one.info/cycle/h6-Uk5Wfo4iBjro/video

  11. evan ward

    evan ward

    Månad sedan

    it's beyond hilarious that its true that they lag and sadly even i hast experienced the season3 grandma's house internet XD

  12. AmZapToo


    Månad sedan

    does anyone know the song at 24:30 ?

  13. Connor Yancy

    Connor Yancy

    Månad sedan

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  14. roproninja


    Månad sedan


  15. Alessandro Sgueo

    Alessandro Sgueo

    Månad sedan

    He is a problem

  16. Diego Dominguez

    Diego Dominguez

    Månad sedan


  17. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Månad sedan


  18. Cody Lee

    Cody Lee

    Månad sedan

    T1 doesn't know that prodigy and protégé are different words.😂

  19. ICE-T


    Månad sedan

    Last death for contant

  20. WarDogyDog


    Månad sedan

    what is his music playlist hooooly those songs are so nostalgic...

  21. 123 321

    123 321

    Månad sedan

    10:10 its because of ezrael THEY WANT TANK EZRAEL BACK!!! HE HAS 10+ SKINS THEY NEED TO SELL SKINS

  22. 81runaway


    Månad sedan

    I ran for 20 mins man i nearly died!!.. even i cant kill me🤣🤣

  23. The Fostered

    The Fostered

    Månad sedan

    Ok ok ok ok. I'm 7 seconds in and I'm fucking dying 😭 INTRO GAME DOES NOT FAIL!

  24. Epic treasure game

    Epic treasure game

    Månad sedan

    I used to play LOL with 50-60 average ping before for years

  25. Fighter Lm

    Fighter Lm

    Månad sedan

    In ur dreams

  26. get it out

    get it out

    Månad sedan

    why did draven get buffed... why

  27. Nikolas


    Månad sedan

    Move to Kansas City and get this 2 GB Google Fiber 😎 18 ping when no down time or ping spikes

  28. Ness -

    Ness -

    Månad sedan

    I thought 110ms+ is normal

  29. Zeqox


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  30. Yetiscold


    Månad sedan

    50 ping and he saying lagging mine here 100 is normal

  31. Meester plusser

    Meester plusser

    Månad sedan

    they have ruined udyr in just 6months... uninstalled

  32. Darkwing Duck

    Darkwing Duck

    Månad sedan

    that blitz is fking trolling LOL

  33. Cole Farlow

    Cole Farlow

    Månad sedan

    Why is he calling it a mopad LOL

  34. Amen JkGg

    Amen JkGg

    Månad sedan

    U made karsmai a supp xd 2/2/10

  35. Kira Miguel17 P Pineda Pineda

    Kira Miguel17 P Pineda Pineda

    Månad sedan

    Have not seen this legend in Years 😔

  36. Naeem Rezk

    Naeem Rezk

    Månad sedan

    You've became a meme

  37. Eduardo Ledesma

    Eduardo Ledesma

    Månad sedan

    I like how Tyler is one of the Challenger streamers who views the game like the rest of us.

  38. C


    Månad sedan


  39. Daniel Marquez

    Daniel Marquez

    Månad sedan


  40. Felipe ARREDONDO

    Felipe ARREDONDO

    Månad sedan


  41. mineplayer 1.0

    mineplayer 1.0

    Månad sedan

    0:29 when You create The Wither near your house in minecraft 19:18 when The beer takes over

  42. Yagami Raito

    Yagami Raito

    Månad sedan

    T1, playing on 100 ping isn't "smurfing", we call it "Tuesday" or whatever day of the week it is that day.

  43. Anbu Hyuga

    Anbu Hyuga

    Månad sedan

    T1 on draven is literally art.

  44. OspreyBravo18


    Månad sedan

    LeBron 🤡

  45. Sly


    Månad sedan

    Straight up remove divine and u have less problems

  46. Jose Elijah Aton

    Jose Elijah Aton

    Månad sedan

    Tyler plays with 100+ ping: Difficult never before seen Me playing normally: my ping *100000000000000000000000000000000000000000*

  47. Charlie Kruse

    Charlie Kruse

    Månad sedan

    that fuckin urgot ult after the bot TP is insane

  48. legit subscribing to who ever subs to me

    legit subscribing to who ever subs to me

    Månad sedan


  49. Brian Lane

    Brian Lane

    Månad sedan

    The old t1 woulda got a triple kill vs thresh karma and jinx - this guys built the same

  50. Coke Can

    Coke Can

    Månad sedan

    league couldn't get players to like dynamic queue so now they want us to try out dynamic ping

  51. Griff Del Caro

    Griff Del Caro

    Månad sedan

    Huge respect that T1 also uses turn signals like a god tier bloke. Indicate into and out of the roundabout lads

  52. Samoon


    Månad sedan

    6:32 actually

  53. Hmd B

    Hmd B

    Månad sedan

    -atleast karma is happy Atleast shes having a good time Two min later: KILL HER....fuck karma

  54. Niko DeAugustino

    Niko DeAugustino

    Månad sedan

    “If you don’t use your turn signal, you’re an asshole” -T1… if this quote isn’t the truest thing ever

  55. Samoon


    Månad sedan

    2:33 same reason I don't get why some people think they are "cool" to not wear seatbelts. It's no inconvenience to you and literally just helps you. Use your turn signal and use your seatbelt. Goddamn.

  56. Nando


    Månad sedan

    based intro

  57. Nikola Gasic

    Nikola Gasic

    Månad sedan

    Aint no way im saying "problem" normally ever again xd

  58. whitney


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  59. bryan brenner

    bryan brenner

    Månad sedan

    btw, you need to 1v1 pants are dragon nuff said.

  60. bryan brenner

    bryan brenner

    Månad sedan

    who the fuck is getting dominos at 1am lmao

  61. Keistan


    Månad sedan

    14:19 Nope you cannot cut that out

  62. Peyton Ibarra

    Peyton Ibarra

    Månad sedan

    Everyone in Challenger: *Dear God, what have you done...*

  63. Lysergic Sigma

    Lysergic Sigma

    Månad sedan

    13:50 As a support main, having an ADC who thinks like this is rare even though it was tough for him to scale as Draven with Karma having kills, he just tries to shrug it aside and hopes the support is having a good time getting items and helping protect him with shields and items. Wholesome and reformed asf T1 forever!

    • Tsundere Yasuo

      Tsundere Yasuo

      Månad sedan

      I literally say that every game when a support says to me that he is sorry "dont worry about it and keep those strong sheilds/heals coming" is what I sag

  64. Jake Playzz

    Jake Playzz

    Månad sedan


  65. Stan Elwood

    Stan Elwood

    Månad sedan

    I don't use my turn signal for two reasons: I was taught how to drive by my dad who I have never seen use a turn signal, and I don't like the sound, it annoys me

  66. kelven huynh

    kelven huynh

    Månad sedan

    A mopad is built different from a moped

  67. Leonardo Campoy

    Leonardo Campoy

    Månad sedan

    22:47 95% crit chance and not crit LMAO

  68. Protgx 76

    Protgx 76

    Månad sedan

    I woudl rather have ping spikes over the internet cutting out all together every 10 or 15 minutes lol

  69. 34. ហាក់ មុន្នី

    34. ហាក់ មុន្នី

    Månad sedan

    -1% ap power shaco W. that why lv2 W not kill mini bird. stupid riot

  70. Jay Edwards

    Jay Edwards

    Månad sedan

    These videos aren't showing up in my main feed suddenly

  71. Sad Nyarancia

    Sad Nyarancia

    Månad sedan

    I prescribe tyler1 Draven videos to depressed people and a 98% guarantee cures anxiety.

  72. JustSomeGuy


    Månad sedan

    Hmmm, this man. Is. A bit of a problem.

  73. Rakan Almansour

    Rakan Almansour

    Månad sedan

    In real life a problem ! At work a problem! In bed a problem! At this game I am also a problem much love for this guy ur fan from KSA😂❤️ keep up the good sense of humor

  74. DrugnaW


    Månad sedan

    Trying to understand that intro while tripping is damn near impossible

  75. Mason Gandy

    Mason Gandy

    Månad sedan

    “If you don’t use your blinker your an asshole” read that again

  76. nam shayin

    nam shayin

    Månad sedan

    He literally recited the ingredients of the powerpuff girls on tren

  77. Δημήτρης Μπερεκέτης

    Δημήτρης Μπερεκέτης

    Månad sedan

    Imagine how stupid I look when 80 ping is normal for me

  78. Jagatrip


    Månad sedan

    They want more champions to be able to use divine sunderer, but on som of the champions the item gets broken so solution is to nerf those champions to even it out. (thats my guess)

  79. Andrew Haywood

    Andrew Haywood

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  80. CampioneDi17


    Månad sedan

    Nasus passive should be 1% life steal per level.

  81. Steve


    Månad sedan

    Not going to lie watching him play Draven is a lot more entertaining than Urgot

  82. Dawid Bachleda

    Dawid Bachleda

    Månad sedan

    Why he built like Kronk tho?

  83. no face

    no face

    Månad sedan

    me playing on 100 ping ok

  84. Gordon Hewer

    Gordon Hewer

    Månad sedan

    28:36 Tyler's laugh

  85. GuloX


    Månad sedan

    The Rock hit rock bottom hmm

  86. Denuran


    Månad sedan

    I find it funny how Tyler thinks playing at 120 ping is such a big achievement... *Laughs in 150 ping*

  87. Chase Hollis

    Chase Hollis

    Månad sedan

    Using turn signal is like MIA.

  88. Marcel Si.

    Marcel Si.

    Månad sedan

    Imagine someone saying T1 is going to be an Urgot GOD a few seasons ago.. HES CAUSING PROBLEMS

  89. Alex Cruise

    Alex Cruise

    Månad sedan

    Tyler plays buffed Draven... Me: "I fear no man, but that thing... It scares me."

  90. Δημήτρης Μπερεκέτης

    Δημήτρης Μπερεκέτης

    Månad sedan

    If you are not hyped you are probably sick or had every bad day

  91. Emilio Grasso

    Emilio Grasso

    Månad sedan

    What’s a mopad?

  92. Tudor Nitu

    Tudor Nitu

    Månad sedan

    T1 is the only mathematical equation that will forever be a mystery for the masses with only one person that knows how to solve the prob

  93. Ethan Wells

    Ethan Wells

    Månad sedan

    “Amumu just needed a friend” 😭😭😭

  94. Jennifer Thompson

    Jennifer Thompson

    Månad sedan

    Assholes don't use their turn signal cause it "tips their hand." They don't want other drivers speeding up to prevent them passing. I've actually had this insanity described to me.

  95. Aro


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  96. Le mec sympa

    Le mec sympa

    Månad sedan

    gnar is broken in melle range

  97. WhiteArtsMagic


    Månad sedan

    Is this guy on the spectrum?

  98. Matteo Snowss

    Matteo Snowss

    Månad sedan

    *inserting tyler1 problem joke* commence likes for no reason

  99. Tanner Hoschar

    Tanner Hoschar

    Månad sedan

    Seen the buffs nd thought of tyler1

  100. Day Feed

    Day Feed

    Månad sedan

    Someone please explaint the "he is a problem" context. Thank you