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00:00 intro
05:40 yasuo mid
09:27 yasuo adc
14:38 yone adc
19:08 draven adc
27:29 outro

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  1. amp


    11 minuter sedan

    tf does ikea parents mean LOL

  2. Juan José Alba

    Juan José Alba

    6 dagar sedan

    Londres literally stomps teamfight Tyler: I'm smurfing it!

  3. dr Brofessor

    dr Brofessor

    13 dagar sedan

    TF Blades challanges are the biggest joke. Instead of playing the role right he play trynda and jax adc and shit like that

  4. ambala85


    17 dagar sedan

    Get some coaching lessons from moe

  5. hot boat

    hot boat

    20 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  6. Solm3r


    20 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  7. Sam Ason

    Sam Ason

    20 dagar sedan

    I had a stroke before it hit 20 seconds

  8. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo Ivanov

    20 dagar sedan

    420 comments KEKW.

  9. Dodge Chalanger

    Dodge Chalanger

    21 dag sedan


  10. Jäger


    21 dag sedan

    I was thinking of this since Minotaur's release in Warzone. Minotaur looks like Tyler's Russian cousin.

  11. Megas12


    22 dagar sedan

    I had two matches in a row in promo 3 (frist 1 i win and carry, 2 and 3 was ilo hell afk) afk after the 22nd minute and I lost the worst promo I was the only one with the support I played and I carried both matches with a score of 62/3/24 and a score of 43/4/34 and I played top caram as a top so hard but in vain if there are 5 on me how the hell to win , is so hard riot to fuking ban on ip all the trolls and remove the auto fill? Ah to give riot is only interested in money not to repair the game not only the players to blame and those who make* the games they let them do something so bad :}} this is way ilo hell exist

  12. iTiddles


    22 dagar sedan

    proof you can be shit at a champion and still perform well just by being good at the game

  13. James Smith

    James Smith

    22 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  14. LordGabriel2011


    22 dagar sedan

    this guy's a meme now.

  15. Moriarty


    22 dagar sedan


  16. justice abs

    justice abs

    23 dagar sedan

    I like how seraphine pinging missing at 11:23 when cass already in fight for like 5 sec bot

  17. SavageBound


    23 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  18. isaac Lee

    isaac Lee

    23 dagar sedan

    It hurts every time the intro music cuts off

  19. Felipe Herrera

    Felipe Herrera

    23 dagar sedan

    diffy in the miffy

  20. Clay Create

    Clay Create

    24 dagar sedan

    Chat saying he’s bad for missing the Q is like calling him bad for throwing paper when his opponent threw scissors, it’s a guessing game he just chose wrong.

  21. Foodle


    24 dagar sedan


  22. Sean Genutis

    Sean Genutis

    24 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  23. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    24 dagar sedan


  24. Lovesh Dutta

    Lovesh Dutta

    25 dagar sedan

    Wanna get more toxic...... Try playing in lower elos😂😂😂😂

  25. Cloud7th Heaven

    Cloud7th Heaven

    25 dagar sedan

    Bro stretch so your muscles get bigger

  26. rtshow


    25 dagar sedan

    Please do wider grip with pinky finger under the bar, relieves so much wrist pain. For me with a low bar block its completely necessary to avoid terrible wrist pain at heavy weight

  27. Kanan Minh

    Kanan Minh

    25 dagar sedan

    If it's in your hands, it will always be a troll pick.

  28. Angel Econ

    Angel Econ

    26 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  29. Michael North

    Michael North

    26 dagar sedan

    I want a copy of his workout routine, honestly. I don't squat, but I deadlift and bench and i'd love to tweak his routine for a deadlift focus.

  30. Poxyquotl


    26 dagar sedan

    Irelia arc 2.0 looking hype.

  31. Jordan Watts

    Jordan Watts

    26 dagar sedan

    When Tyler hits 700 in squats I'm going to be so fucking hyped.

  32. Anime Twister

    Anime Twister

    26 dagar sedan

    2.31 Just ff XD

  33. Crimsonfker49


    26 dagar sedan

    Need that intro song

  34. Bryan Baker

    Bryan Baker

    26 dagar sedan


  35. Bacn Piggeh

    Bacn Piggeh

    27 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  36. David Chen

    David Chen

    27 dagar sedan

    I just realized that when yas says sasageyo for tornado he is actually saying devote your hearts just like aot😮

  37. Kdkane


    27 dagar sedan

    what was that song in the intro?

  38. Mazin Ageeb

    Mazin Ageeb

    27 dagar sedan

    His reaction at 4:56 KILLLED me hahah I felt his fuckin pain

  39. HisokaHimself


    27 dagar sedan


  40. Knifefest Degroot

    Knifefest Degroot

    27 dagar sedan

    0:00 Tyler listing all the words he knows for his 1st grade teacher

  41. Dixie Normous

    Dixie Normous

    27 dagar sedan

    Preparing for mid challenge i see

  42. ethan keaveney

    ethan keaveney

    27 dagar sedan


  43. Brother Zael

    Brother Zael

    27 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  44. merlin jelesitz

    merlin jelesitz

    27 dagar sedan

    When he says he smurfs on yasuo while missing 6 autos 😂

  45. Limland 22

    Limland 22

    27 dagar sedan

    That chat would make me hate life

  46. paul orellana

    paul orellana

    27 dagar sedan

    If Tyler becomes better than moe at yas he really build fucking different…

  47. Krayon BlaDe

    Krayon BlaDe

    27 dagar sedan

    28:34 T1 describing 98% of the playerbase's mentality

  48. best nightmare

    best nightmare

    27 dagar sedan

    I thought he's good,, but hes opponents are just that bad,, lmao 🤣🤣

  49. ThwartAbyss54


    27 dagar sedan

    Pyke is lvl 8 while they are lvl 13 XD

  50. CE Good L

    CE Good L

    28 dagar sedan


  51. Living Proof

    Living Proof

    28 dagar sedan

    Tyler when game starts (6:14) Tyler midgame (16:56)Tyler endgame (24:21)Tyler with another excuse after getting wrecked (24:34)

  52. Reality CODMG

    Reality CODMG

    28 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  53. Русский Кирпич

    Русский Кирпич

    28 dagar sedan

    FlexAir 6. Lord of the ban. будут реакция на эту серию видио роликов там твое камео есть)

  54. Retro


    28 dagar sedan

    I saw these clips from other SE-oners who rip off your content first 😁

  55. Gabriel Marin

    Gabriel Marin

    28 dagar sedan


  56. Struggler XIV

    Struggler XIV

    28 dagar sedan

    Naut literal fucking god

  57. Josè Melèndez

    Josè Melèndez

    28 dagar sedan

    sup sup

  58. 37neat 37

    37neat 37

    28 dagar sedan

    happy 4th bro

  59. viniciusp


    28 dagar sedan

    Is he a problem?

  60. jboogie


    28 dagar sedan

    @7:08 can someone explain why varus jumped when he threw his e?

  61. Richard Quinto

    Richard Quinto

    28 dagar sedan

    Day 156 of me watching tyler1 videos everyday for a year.

  62. Dschules


    28 dagar sedan

    6 = "IM SMURFING IT" button

  63. Connor Calder

    Connor Calder

    28 dagar sedan

    Gotta love a Kayn that is like “Don’t touch my camps” whilst actively picking Blue Kayn into a hyper scaling tank.

    • Connor Calder

      Connor Calder

      3 dagar sedan

      @H Wijers Yes but Blue Kayn into a hyper scaling tank is really not great... Red Kayn is significantly more Efficient in that situation. Blue Kayn you will eventually reach the point where you do no dmg to the tank... oneshotting the backline if the tank actually plays properly and they aren't dumb would be extremely difficult. Red Kayn is by far the better choice.

    • H Wijers

      H Wijers

      3 dagar sedan

      I mean, there's 4 other players you know.

  64. kain shockley

    kain shockley

    28 dagar sedan

    I think I just saw this dude at Walmart today

  65. TomasShadyHD


    28 dagar sedan

    what is that intro music?

  66. The Anyways

    The Anyways

    28 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  67. ZORO


    28 dagar sedan

    where tf is our 9/11 stream?????????



    28 dagar sedan

    Stop swearing please my mom is watching

  69. EoY


    28 dagar sedan

    Doesnt show the losing gmaes

  70. Desire


    28 dagar sedan

    He named all the days he didn’t upload last week, right at the beginning of the video!

  71. Justin Grigor

    Justin Grigor

    28 dagar sedan

    Tyler: Why didn’t he juke down?? This idiot Me: well… he’s alive so I think not

  72. ZilaiW


    28 dagar sedan

    Addicted to childrens virtual video game imagine

  73. FashionSuckMan


    28 dagar sedan

    If Naut juked down they would.habe caught him. He had to just hope you missed to tornado

  74. Hunter Isaac

    Hunter Isaac

    28 dagar sedan

    I cried at the intro

  75. eugene lee

    eugene lee

    28 dagar sedan


  76. Wheeler Gaoteote

    Wheeler Gaoteote

    28 dagar sedan

    I’m convinced that “Blue Kayn” should be banned from even “appearing in champ select” everywhere outside of Korea 🤦‍♂️.... like don’t even if it’s not your otp. Ban it so your teammates can’t pick.

  77. Scuffed Steve Aoki

    Scuffed Steve Aoki

    28 dagar sedan

    Me before sup sup: 😞 Me after sup sup: 😌

  78. Surrealios


    28 dagar sedan

    The only streamer I can’t watch sped up

  79. Kordian 2

    Kordian 2

    28 dagar sedan

    hey big T, go to a real region and then start your challange

  80. ali baharvand

    ali baharvand

    28 dagar sedan

    My man

  81. Ilovecapybaraanimals


    28 dagar sedan

    Tbh that's kinda dumb because once kaynes even more broken he'll be perma banned lol

  82. Raw Gamer

    Raw Gamer

    28 dagar sedan

    whats that intro song

  83. Roberts Alsiņš

    Roberts Alsiņš

    28 dagar sedan

    So whens the mid challenge starting?

  84. Sam nothing

    Sam nothing

    29 dagar sedan

    U have some white in the corner of your mouth

  85. White Soul

    White Soul

    29 dagar sedan

    pin me for milk

  86. Andoy Doy

    Andoy Doy

    29 dagar sedan

    Jesus Loves all of you guys

  87. Burak Dogruer

    Burak Dogruer

    29 dagar sedan

    Play more yasou mid 😂

  88. Good Gala

    Good Gala

    29 dagar sedan


  89. Reclusive Eagle

    Reclusive Eagle

    29 dagar sedan

    Tyler1 already playing better than someone who plays the champion so much they changed their name to it

  90. sunnysideup


    29 dagar sedan

    Man that Cass that kept talking about Ikea 💀💀💀💀 league really messes with people’s mental

  91. Deh Man

    Deh Man

    29 dagar sedan

    29:00 I'm dead

  92. Eli


    29 dagar sedan

    Anyone know the intro song?

  93. Pauldegames


    29 dagar sedan

    Bolo yeung is same height as tyler1 so don't tease Papa Tyler

  94. xY4SK4Px


    29 dagar sedan

    nerf ignite range

  95. Adam Upex

    Adam Upex

    29 dagar sedan

    that was absolutely hands down the most epic stream intro ever

  96. Raymond Huynh

    Raymond Huynh

    29 dagar sedan

    The icky tsunami spectroscopically instruct because enquiry problematically excite following a motionless fortnight. whimsical, moldy insect

  97. Tyler Inchausti

    Tyler Inchausti

    29 dagar sedan

    enjoy your week off man. thank you for the great vids and streams

  98. Lel


    29 dagar sedan

    Ur dota videos were top tier fun I wish u do it again

  99. Havickk


    29 dagar sedan

    That 4th of July stream later tonight is gonna be GREAT.

  100. Austin Crosley

    Austin Crosley

    29 dagar sedan

    Alternative title: I got lucky with Yasuo finally