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00:00 intro
04:05 leblanc mid
12:33 fizz mid
23:31 outro

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  1. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

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  2. VAV


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    KAISA 💀

  3. Nishant Joshi

    Nishant Joshi

    Månad sedan

    "We do is are be how come are but we're also going but then while you're running you do a skippity do are hee haw be back SUPSUP" spoken like a true champ

  4. WellThisIsTheEndOfHumanity


    Månad sedan

    fun fact this was a dead channel but when everyone in the universe saw this one mean of GET THIS SH*T OF MEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHH. he became tje most subbed yt in the whole entire universe.

  5. Amor Barrera

    Amor Barrera

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    hehe xd

  6. Lukas H.

    Lukas H.

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    That was nuts

  7. Francesco Pepe

    Francesco Pepe

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    That headset is indestructible

  8. Oppai Dragon

    Oppai Dragon

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    hehe xd

  9. 2Faded


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    what it does do

  10. JPL


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    this man is truly built different

  11. Eldonvip12


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    • Eldonvip12


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      Is funny

  12. 𝕕𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞 𝕝𝕖𝕗𝕥𝕪𝕐𝕋

    𝕕𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕞 𝕝𝕖𝕗𝕥𝕪𝕐𝕋

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  13. baba


    Månad sedan

    Pentas are earned not given.

  14. Birb


    Månad sedan

    Yuumi and mana problems XD if ur afk autoclicker E at 5 min, maybe. if you use passive and get mana regen (what she normally builds), null mana problems

  15. Megod epic Meow

    Megod epic Meow

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    now you can do it

  16. Megod epic Meow

    Megod epic Meow

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    You can stop it

  17. Megod epic Meow

    Megod epic Meow

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    Roit is bad for you

  18. Megod epic Meow

    Megod epic Meow

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    Now i know you can stop toxic

  19. Freyhandro Gaming

    Freyhandro Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Do some new meme

  20. Mes Özd

    Mes Özd

    Månad sedan

    not a word does a person utter without having a ˹vigilant˺ observer ready ˹to write it down˺.

  21. Viccel Is Cute

    Viccel Is Cute

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    Can you please play Call of duty mobile?

  22. Ballistic Nosebleed

    Ballistic Nosebleed

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    hehe xD

  23. Brianna Nguyen

    Brianna Nguyen

    Månad sedan

    u spelled yuumi wrong.

  24. rizu


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    We.. do.. is.. are.. be. How comer? But we're also going. But then... while you're running, you do a skippity do are he-haw. BE BACK... SUP SUP!

  25. Lucian Darius

    Lucian Darius

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  26. Janus


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    Random question, does he wash the dishes?

  27. Victor Ramirez

    Victor Ramirez

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    hehe xd

  28. BabyImSelfish


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    17:23 wtf was that Q drift

  29. Waleed Mirza

    Waleed Mirza

    Månad sedan

    I verbally liked your video Tyler.

  30. Sydney Hardy

    Sydney Hardy

    Månad sedan

    his intros are so fucking funny

  31. V E N A X

    V E N A X

    Månad sedan

    Bruh Lee got out damaged by yuumi🤣🤣



    Månad sedan

    why you are not give honor for yuumi, You are a stingy person

  33. Czikkan Hardt

    Czikkan Hardt

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    Hey, nice hair plugs.

  34. Official Olli

    Official Olli

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  35. joel bongar

    joel bongar

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  36. Diogo Leite

    Diogo Leite

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    Am i the only one that want to see tyler vs bobi on mid?

  37. XxShanixX


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  38. ayyachris


    Månad sedan

    17:53 LMAO Kai'sa.

  39. Gaming G

    Gaming G

    Månad sedan

    All I can think of is Spongebobs fake muscle arms..

  40. Mark Davies Evangelista

    Mark Davies Evangelista

    Månad sedan

    For sure that Yuumi is Nelson 😎😺

  41. Will Kim

    Will Kim

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  42. yesitsryan _

    yesitsryan _

    Månad sedan

    Wish i enjoyed league so i could watch tyler more. Actual sick guy

  43. cornbread125


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    Lean muscle... Kappa

  44. landon48


    Månad sedan

    I delivered your pizza last night. Thanks for the tip man

    • landon48


      Månad sedan

      @Salem BinZager never. I’m not about to lose my job.

    • Salem BinZager

      Salem BinZager

      Månad sedan

      leak address?

  45. Yummy Muffin

    Yummy Muffin

    Månad sedan

    Keşke ingilizce olsaydı da izleyebilseydim :(

  46. Somethingelse


    Månad sedan

    pls keep playing solo roles in the future, so much more fun to watch

  47. KenyX


    Månad sedan

    5:55 lee sin looking ass

  48. ILove LOL

    ILove LOL

    Månad sedan

    Unranked to challenger in kr server next?

  49. wisely.ッ


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  50. 4mar


    Månad sedan

    haha it would be mad funny if he tried azir mid

  51. iCE Deutz Fizz

    iCE Deutz Fizz

    Månad sedan

    Yuumi x Fizz be like this you fizz of yuumi se-one.info/cycle/gqqDid2arHupbZE/video se-one.info/cycle/r7l7m9aZY4ygopU/video se-one.info/cycle/qrKnqrSNa7GnhLY/video

  52. John C

    John C

    Månad sedan

    17:10 hahahaha! THIS IS URF BABY xd

  53. glue choomoo

    glue choomoo

    Månad sedan

    dang the title is click bait

  54. cody sweet

    cody sweet

    Månad sedan

    T1's voice never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love that guy. Truly built different.

  55. Rossoneri


    Månad sedan

    that fizz skin is very cute!

  56. Ranker


    Månad sedan

    Are the editors cutting out the cussing? These jump cuts are fucking annoying

  57. Consistent Pogba

    Consistent Pogba

    Månad sedan


  58. Meyer Buaharon

    Meyer Buaharon

    Månad sedan

    @ravanow, you still unranked? you unranked?

  59. DreadHeadZz Yotube

    DreadHeadZz Yotube

    Månad sedan

    When you were gonna be s-stream again???

  60. noger boher

    noger boher

    Månad sedan

    17:58 If this was a silver/gold game, he wpuld have died because Zilean would have built full AP, instead of supp items.

  61. Argtim Bajrami

    Argtim Bajrami

    Månad sedan

    Tyler1 play roblox i dare you

  62. Bruce Hileman

    Bruce Hileman

    Månad sedan

    Dude made a absolute living on being a trash gamer lol

    • huleyn135


      Månad sedan


  63. Asomugha24xPro


    Månad sedan

    How tf that Lee Sin do 5k dmg in a 30 min game 😂

  64. Patrick Z

    Patrick Z

    Månad sedan

    Wtf now he cut the whole outro out hes gone too far.

  65. LOL Club Suszarnia(+18)

    LOL Club Suszarnia(+18)

    Månad sedan

    Next game you play Yummi. Challenge ?

  66. Microondas con onda

    Microondas con onda

    Månad sedan

    Honestly, I like when tryler plays Leblanc, he plays like he knows the code of the Matrix.

  67. cappu


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  68. Lexie Mason

    Lexie Mason

    Månad sedan

    This yuumi actually god teir

  69. Kenneth Jaromay

    Kenneth Jaromay

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  70. Lexis Vhi

    Lexis Vhi

    Månad sedan

    He speaks the language of the gods

  71. Seenivasan Yuganesan

    Seenivasan Yuganesan

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  72. xY4SK4Px


    Månad sedan

    9:54 sign that u r tilted.

  73. Chris Jimenez

    Chris Jimenez

    Månad sedan

    at least tyler gave a fan real advice, dont play the game and dont play ranked, its trash

  74. lisa foadstock

    lisa foadstock

    Månad sedan


  75. kuzz


    Månad sedan

    the only item two players had were hour glass and stopwatch in diamond

  76. Seth Cranford

    Seth Cranford

    Månad sedan

    If you ever wanna have a quick laugh ,even though watching this guy is always funny anyways, just put the playback time to 0.5 😂

  77. The Fostered

    The Fostered

    Månad sedan

    Banger intro = immediate smile

  78. MMS


    Månad sedan

    Tyler1 is truly manufactured in a way un-agreeable with societal standards

  79. Jonathan pajuelo

    Jonathan pajuelo

    Månad sedan

    K grande

  80. Bryant Cavinta

    Bryant Cavinta

    Månad sedan

    Rtb lost to a yuumi

  81. Alpie Internet

    Alpie Internet

    Månad sedan

    Fuck that Kai'sa

  82. ElectrickX


    Månad sedan

    that adc was mad u stole his support >.< fanboy confirmed

  83. ElectrickX


    Månad sedan

    bruh this needs to be ur main role, turn off the cheets bro

  84. Breyton Brown

    Breyton Brown

    Månad sedan

    Fucking love this alpha

  85. Alexander van Lier

    Alexander van Lier

    Månad sedan

    Wow what a speech

  86. pastel café

    pastel café

    Månad sedan

    my streamer is constructed alternatively

  87. Aaron Martineau

    Aaron Martineau

    Månad sedan

    Kind of getting tired of leblanc and fizz

  88. Fighter Lm

    Fighter Lm

    Månad sedan


  89. Phillip Moyer

    Phillip Moyer

    Månad sedan

    I don't know what it is man but I think playing mid has changed your content personality a bit. Look forward to your videos every day now. Keep being built different T1

  90. Atok Друг

    Atok Друг

    Månad sedan


  91. seth Lowery

    seth Lowery

    Månad sedan

    why u always with that yummi bro. duo que boosted to diamond?😎

  92. imortalone


    Månad sedan

    fav leblanc skin. Also when riot going to improve match making?

  93. Bethel Poon

    Bethel Poon

    Månad sedan

    Man's speedrunning mid unranked to challenger holy fuck

  94. Kaimana Sripipatana

    Kaimana Sripipatana

    Månad sedan

    Breaking News: League Player Tyler1 steps outside for first time!

  95. Edgar Malagon

    Edgar Malagon

    Månad sedan

    When Tyler said he gets hotter cause he's big, he's not wrong. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, and the man has a lot of muscle to maintain.

  96. No Name Sorry

    No Name Sorry

    Månad sedan

    You make me feel happy

  97. nicol zegarra

    nicol zegarra

    Månad sedan


  98. Zer0NoiZe


    Månad sedan

    Rabbadons gave him 328 AP how is that balanced

  99. Caleb Mantle

    Caleb Mantle

    Månad sedan

    Yuumi: I'm a PROBLEM

  100. UnreformedZoe


    Månad sedan

    Hehe xd! Another T1 Video!!!, Another great day :D