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00:00 intro
03:34 vex abilities
10:14 tristana skin
11:10 fizz mid
17:29 fizz mid vs ghoster
29:20 fizz mid
39:39 outro

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  1. That Guy

    That Guy

    5 dagar sedan

    Mercilessly destroyed Redmercy with simple thoughts we all share about his content. Ruthless Tyler

  2. 変な人


    6 dagar sedan

    20:06 What song?

  3. Joshua Sichel

    Joshua Sichel

    7 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  4. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo Ivanov

    8 dagar sedan


  5. FunBloom21


    9 dagar sedan

    I see more lvl in gold-plat than master-challenger XD

  6. Urke


    9 dagar sedan


  7. Vex


    10 dagar sedan

    I just realized I tried play at that time too and I was wtf why is ranked down, I had no idea there was league music coming out wtf

  8. Čubina Stolinský

    Čubina Stolinský

    10 dagar sedan

    How intoxicating playing fizz and talking shit Tyler.. have u no shame?

  9. MJ Lee

    MJ Lee

    10 dagar sedan

    Doing gods work. Keep it up Tyler!

  10. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    10 dagar sedan


  11. Air N

    Air N

    11 dagar sedan

    Tyler1 can you please rage less I love you but it's not nice to hear you suffering

  12. xxSoGRAMBOxx


    11 dagar sedan

    kassadin should get his account banned

  13. Mr. Animemeguy

    Mr. Animemeguy

    11 dagar sedan

    Honestly don't even trip about that kassadin inting whenever you're on his team, because the same thing would still happen even if y'all didn't have beef lmao. He's so garbage.

  14. Xtreme Gamer

    Xtreme Gamer

    11 dagar sedan

    Oh this man is more powerful than my PC 😅

  15. juan loaiza

    juan loaiza

    11 dagar sedan

    God lucian

  16. Stephen Strauss

    Stephen Strauss

    11 dagar sedan

    Anyone know the song at 28:55 ?

  17. Isaacmcdan84


    11 dagar sedan

    Ayy u went 9-9 on my birthday (9-9)

  18. Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams

    11 dagar sedan

    I wonder howmany beta viewers are in here that never saw the old T1. Not that one. The OLD T1

  19. Vareyne


    11 dagar sedan

    26:10 fun fact: there were 7 flashes burned in this fight

  20. Emilio Moroney

    Emilio Moroney

    11 dagar sedan


  21. 4mar


    11 dagar sedan


  22. Prabhakar Dhar

    Prabhakar Dhar

    11 dagar sedan


  23. Darkhuntsman397


    11 dagar sedan

    This man is truly comprised in a way that deviates from conventional norms

  24. BomnitoPerro


    11 dagar sedan

    We do is we

  25. RaV


    11 dagar sedan

    Hey T1, wan't some heavy metal jingle written for you? If you'd like one just message me :)

  26. zach deniston

    zach deniston

    11 dagar sedan

    Tyler you need to change games. League is dying an so are you

  27. Ryan Byhre

    Ryan Byhre

    12 dagar sedan

    Wow Tyler1 is so fun to watch when he says he carried his team while being camped the whole game… No respect.

  28. The Fostered

    The Fostered

    12 dagar sedan

    You good? 🤔

  29. Chris This

    Chris This

    12 dagar sedan

    Why is that guy playing lucian jungle?

  30. aok


    12 dagar sedan

    Boring champion

  31. Tayler Wade

    Tayler Wade

    12 dagar sedan

    i cant get over how bad NA players are, you play fizz like a fkn ape and win games hahaha.

  32. Chris Schaaf

    Chris Schaaf

    12 dagar sedan

    Wheres the moustache comment guy?

  33. SlipperyStuff


    12 dagar sedan

    Tyler roasting Red Mercy was funny af

  34. Drako Drenn

    Drako Drenn

    12 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  35. rocc


    12 dagar sedan

    Anyone else just skip the intro?

  36. Nigel


    12 dagar sedan

    those fizz Rs are on another level LOL

  37. UFT_H3RTL3SS


    12 dagar sedan


  38. UFT_H3RTL3SS


    12 dagar sedan


  39. PotatoGodzilla


    12 dagar sedan

    "I.'ll requeu" *Copeler1*

  40. Pavel Gusarov

    Pavel Gusarov

    12 dagar sedan

    Thank you tylerspp for making my day on 6:42

  41. Gonzalo Cornejo

    Gonzalo Cornejo

    12 dagar sedan

    "i smurf the shit of that game" said after that first fizz game xd Most times he really smurf these games... but that Fizz one?, HOW CAN U MISS THAT MANY R !, is not possible, the last one, all 5 together and he miss it xD, that one was unreal

  42. Tan Z

    Tan Z

    12 dagar sedan

    T1 said he hadn’t even seen the video, but seconds later claims he’s gonna one trick her and likes what he had seen so far haha what??? 😂😂 ol t1

  43. Thomas M

    Thomas M

    12 dagar sedan

    this champ will be so fucking busted its unreal



    12 dagar sedan

    vex is like darius on meth

  45. Lino


    12 dagar sedan

    Stop taking my kill!

  46. Cycle Coma

    Cycle Coma

    12 dagar sedan

    Tyler1 for sure is built by the smiths of Asgard because he really let kha'zix gank via bot side and kept him off camera so the ghosting lass couldn't see. Literally insane

  47. jack o' lantern

    jack o' lantern

    12 dagar sedan

    HAHA some1 in chat said there would be a loss streak after the game he had with the olaf who greifed cause tt didn't plug his stream. he was right!

  48. Daniel Kozma

    Daniel Kozma

    12 dagar sedan

    I hate red Mercy as well

  49. Leader of Communist China

    Leader of Communist China

    12 dagar sedan

    Holy fuck jgoo actually streamsniping tyler wtf

  50. Blue Swan

    Blue Swan

    12 dagar sedan

    "I'll onetrick her" I said this for like 6 of the last 8 champs, started it and they nerved them in the ground so I stopped and played my old boring champs

  51. derek schroeder

    derek schroeder

    12 dagar sedan

    does T1 not know that he can press his E twice playing as fizz?

    • Valentin Cristian

      Valentin Cristian

      12 dagar sedan

      u are stuwupid bro!!! UwU

    • Boxonen


      12 dagar sedan

      He wants more invurnerablity

  52. Just Some Guy In The Sky

    Just Some Guy In The Sky

    12 dagar sedan

    tyler is the type of guy to put a stone under his pillow just to make his head smaller.

  53. Alex


    12 dagar sedan

    YO wtf a piece of meat flew by my window???

  54. Sheldon Stone

    Sheldon Stone

    12 dagar sedan

    We do be are is back

  55. Manuel Marchesini

    Manuel Marchesini

    12 dagar sedan

    I cannot not fall in love with those intros

  56. DAVID Weh

    DAVID Weh

    12 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  57. jaytroll


    12 dagar sedan

    T1 loves to mash e on fizz even when hes doing it in place. so it doesn't give the aoe dmg/slow

  58. melovepeas


    12 dagar sedan

    Damn Tyler is literally Vex: depressed, mains mid, and hates cardio. If only she was 6'5 3500 pounds of pure muscle ;_;

    • David Willi

      David Willi

      11 dagar sedan

      Tyler likes cardio

  59. matt duffy

    matt duffy

    12 dagar sedan

    so this is like annie and eve merged?

  60. Unholy


    12 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  61. Glob Blob

    Glob Blob

    12 dagar sedan

    Jeje xd

  62. Adrian Mateo

    Adrian Mateo

    12 dagar sedan

    Not hating or saying i can do any better or anything but holy shit his fizz is horrendous

  63. Wallyy


    12 dagar sedan

    everyday i tune into the stream for 1 or 2 games out of the like 15 you play a day and for the last like 2 weeks that 1 or 2 games has always been the one you put up on youtube and play good in. your welcome for the luck bro,

  64. Hunter Gravenkemper

    Hunter Gravenkemper

    12 dagar sedan

    Keep watching Redmercy and maybe you will hit mid chall

  65. Shadrax


    12 dagar sedan

    Your video made my day 😌

  66. taiga ken

    taiga ken

    12 dagar sedan

    BigBrother Clap

  67. TechTro Gaming

    TechTro Gaming

    12 dagar sedan

    "AND JUST LIKE THAT WE DO IS ARE BE *mid sentence stroke * B-BAAAAHHGAHAHAH *Recovers immediately* At it again." Truly ..truly built different.

  68. shenboi


    12 dagar sedan

    I love you Tyler

  69. Ludwig Magnusson

    Ludwig Magnusson

    12 dagar sedan

    I have the intro on the lowest volyme setting and it still makes my ears bleed. Truly assembled abnormaly..

  70. Inter Clone

    Inter Clone

    12 dagar sedan

    op chsmpion



    12 dagar sedan

    Pls loud

  72. Kaiden Johnson

    Kaiden Johnson

    12 dagar sedan

    I always forget to turn down my sound when i start his vodeos

  73. XxevilgoatxX


    12 dagar sedan

    I love this fucking man

  74. The Real Gaming Export

    The Real Gaming Export

    12 dagar sedan

    Vex's passive is basically her saying "Please stop moving"

  75. Potatoslice


    12 dagar sedan

    bruh RIP bubblegum trist. thats what i voted for. devil trist was the lamest/most generic shit

  76. richard r

    richard r

    12 dagar sedan

    tyler doesn’t read his comments his editors do xd

  77. Sabadier


    12 dagar sedan

    More fizz spam ... I hope this challenge of mid ends soon .. it's horrible, I miss the gameplays of aatrox and draven

  78. thundersmite


    12 dagar sedan

    Does anyone else think these reset champions are kinda crazy? I know we've had Darius for years, but at least he has to kill with his ultimate ability. Just give everyone free resets on takedown at this point

    • Mental443


      12 dagar sedan

      @J Juarez irelia and qiyana also can reset their q, samira resets her e same as akshan, tristana does it with w same as them too. So you missed some

    • Mental443


      12 dagar sedan

      @J Juarez and katarina

    • thundersmite


      12 dagar sedan

      @William Zhan they are fun to play. I would just rather stick to the rules of a game that once you use your abilities you wait the cooldown out. It's like giving new champions cheat codes and sticking it in their kits acting like that'll fix the game. Just seems like a repetitive mechanic that they threw in the game that I think is lazy work.

    • William Zhan

      William Zhan

      12 dagar sedan

      reset champs are really fun to play

  79. Morbid


    12 dagar sedan

    so true about Faker and 2017 man. well said.

  80. Hadi Diab

    Hadi Diab

    12 dagar sedan

    i already know t1 gonna RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE at the new champ

  81. DOLSE


    12 dagar sedan

    riot community: please rework nocturne riot: another clone of nocturne but no spell shield? ; buys banshees interesting. Yet again riot bringing out a new champ instead of fixing the game (I’m silver 4 so don’t disrespect me)

  82. Benjamín Vera

    Benjamín Vera

    12 dagar sedan

    26:09 that fight was so cool looking and satisfying

  83. pedroboi i

    pedroboi i

    12 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  84. Battery High

    Battery High

    12 dagar sedan

    This is why we watch tyler1 for the content, its beyond this world. In english build different.

  85. Daniel Kastner

    Daniel Kastner

    12 dagar sedan

    They do those dumb counters with worlds ALL THE TIME UGH

  86. YusPl4ys


    12 dagar sedan

    I LOVE TYLER !!!!

  87. Shady Dave

    Shady Dave

    12 dagar sedan

    imagine having constant vision of the enemy by ghosting and still losing.

    • Meme Machine

      Meme Machine

      19 timmar sedan

      @Random Us3r Only by utterl morons.

    • Grosu Official

      Grosu Official

      2 dagar sedan

      @kachow Ranked league players are desperate enoguh to buy a second monitor for the soul purpose of ghosting.

    • Ninjuric


      7 dagar sedan

      @Fepos ofc if u have the money to buy a good second monitor go for it, i was just pointing out that 30hz second monitors arent useless lol

    • Fepos


      7 dagar sedan

      @Ninjuric don’t need to but if you got the money for it why not rofl I’m not tryna have 1 smooth monitor and 1 pixelated one

    • Ninjuric


      7 dagar sedan

      @Fepos yes there is a point... most ppl game on their main monitors and use their second for spotify, discord, or what not, u don't need 144 hz for those apps lmao.

  88. —

    12 dagar sedan

    Was really hoping for the pentakill upload. Smh

  89. Kerem Demircan

    Kerem Demircan

    12 dagar sedan

    it is such a good feeling when you open up youtube and see there is a new tyler1 video

  90. Trent Buyert

    Trent Buyert

    12 dagar sedan

    Jesus Christ my ear balls

  91. The Gloop

    The Gloop

    12 dagar sedan

    Good video Tyler, still can't watch it though respect the grind but I can't watch people play fizz shit is to gross.

  92. Andrei Daniel

    Andrei Daniel

    12 dagar sedan

    Does he miss those fizz ults on purpose xD??

  93. Battery High

    Battery High

    12 dagar sedan

    Vex is just a depressed kennen.

  94. Mahir Ahmed

    Mahir Ahmed

    12 dagar sedan

    At first he was a meme now i see a God

  95. Snap City

    Snap City

    12 dagar sedan

    Riot perma bans for toxicity with the automated system. This game literally makes no sense. All the people I used to play with are getting boosted as we speak and they will never get banned. Boosting is allowed, but flaming in a normals game isn't. I should make a new account and just get boosted to diamond I guess. Cringe unfair game. Worst game I ever played. Nothing but complaints... This game is going downhill fast.. Thousands of players get boosted in this game and they all go unpunished, people who intentionally feed and try to lose on purpose go unpunished, but people like me who try to win and carry and 1v9 and flame other players for inting/trolling gets permabanned. Defund riot.

  96. Rafon


    12 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  97. asef nirumand

    asef nirumand

    12 dagar sedan

    Live pentakill event was metal

  98. God Himself

    God Himself

    12 dagar sedan

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  99. Zeyla


    12 dagar sedan


  100. Deaf Danny

    Deaf Danny

    12 dagar sedan

    23:30 Average t1 ghoster