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00:00 intro
03:18 discussing dark souls & elden ring
07:56 urgot top
11:59 draven adc
18:37 blitz support
30:52 outro

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  1. Sterling Archer

    Sterling Archer

    11 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  2. steveee French

    steveee French

    14 dagar sedan


  3. 59SpadesOfALife


    16 dagar sedan

    Tyler1 is so built different he invented a difficulty mode for dark souls

  4. Pinkleaf


    21 dag sedan


  5. Nicolas Favreau

    Nicolas Favreau

    25 dagar sedan


  6. tigergloss


    26 dagar sedan

    when are we getting the 'im a problem' merch tyler, let us waste our money

  7. Derek Thornton

    Derek Thornton

    26 dagar sedan

    First time on our channel. IKeepItTaco is better.

  8. Silent Benja

    Silent Benja

    26 dagar sedan

    Hehe xd

  9. Tyrone III

    Tyrone III

    28 dagar sedan

    0:00 Meathead

  10. Vega Main

    Vega Main

    Månad sedan

    Built diff

  11. Chaz


    Månad sedan

    Also, Dark souls on PC just shows how fucking lazy the devs are, they didn't even bother to code the fucking keyboard tooltips, just copy paste the console version and collect the money. I saw people hating on Sekiro because it is heavy parry and blocking reliant but at least they fucking bothered with that game. Dark Souls is just garbage and I agree with that "artificial dificulty".

  12. القحطاني


    Månad sedan

    كفووو والله

  13. Taylor Kuschnirow

    Taylor Kuschnirow

    Månad sedan


  14. Nasus The Curator Of Sands

    Nasus The Curator Of Sands

    Månad sedan

    I hope he is just acting mad about Dark souls and isn't in reality. Because the games are coded well enough. With DS2 as the exception, all other soulsborne games have beautiful hitboxes and balanced mechanics (except the magic). He was just playing the game so badly and refusing to reform it was tilting for viewers as well.

    • Hawkz


      Månad sedan


  15. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Månad sedan


  16. christian gadia

    christian gadia

    Månad sedan

    chupapy munyanyo lol

  17. Lourenço


    Månad sedan

    Why can't he STOP playing league for one week and play something else for god's sake

  18. John Nickleson

    John Nickleson

    Månad sedan

    He’s just so bad at dark souls but can’t admit it lmao

  19. John C

    John C

    Månad sedan

    Tyler why you always act you big when your actually pumped all the time you stream ? you mr pump XD

  20. the one

    the one

    Månad sedan

    elden ring and dark souls series is good tho? you were just trash at dark souls. and the game isnt even out yet

  21. Lunch


    Månad sedan

    i mean.... Soraka into Blitz is a problem..

  22. NMDub Studios

    NMDub Studios

    Månad sedan


    • NMDub Studios

      NMDub Studios

      Månad sedan

      (this is social commentary)

  23. J181 181

    J181 181

    Månad sedan

    Lazy coding to make the game harder? We talking league or dark souls I'm confused

    • J181 181

      J181 181

      Månad sedan

      @Nasus The Curator Of Sands I was joking about how badly coded league is lmao, but I appreciate the reply

    • Nasus The Curator Of Sands

      Nasus The Curator Of Sands

      Månad sedan

      About Dark Souls

  24. Spacegliding Rat

    Spacegliding Rat

    Månad sedan

    “ *IT’S TIME TO SHINE* “

  25. Papi Salad

    Papi Salad

    Månad sedan

    NOW you are a fucking problem? Nah... You've BEEN a problem. What a beast.

  26. Raymond Huynh

    Raymond Huynh

    Månad sedan

    The tremendous cucumber supposedly vanish because wholesaler collectively bat about a rough action. helpless, deafening liquor

    • Tr0lljegeren


      Månad sedan

      Ok I agree

  27. RoihanArio.f


    Månad sedan

    ada orang indo?

  28. Anonymous Otter

    Anonymous Otter

    Månad sedan

    need a I'm a problem shirt. Bit of a problem

  29. Jej Flexington

    Jej Flexington

    Månad sedan

    I cant tell if the hating fromsoftware thing is part of the act or not and it kinda tilts me

  30. Dylan McNulty

    Dylan McNulty

    Månad sedan

    dark souls on the hardest difficulty

  31. Xanma Grandma

    Xanma Grandma

    Månad sedan

    dark souls/bloodborne are literally games that are hard solely because the game mechanics are dogshit and slow. undoubtedly the worst way to make a game difficult

  32. Kaiji Cabrera

    Kaiji Cabrera

    Månad sedan

    wait that was minshcap? lmao

  33. ksonny


    Månad sedan

    Dark Souls is bad, hard does not equal good its not even fun to play lol xd lol lol lol

  34. Usman Saeed

    Usman Saeed

    Månad sedan

    Turns out Tyler 1 is actually Ricardo

  35. Crispy PvP

    Crispy PvP

    Månad sedan


  36. Swaggy Wolf

    Swaggy Wolf

    Månad sedan

    That Singed Baron play was actually Pog. Unofficial quadra kill btw

  37. Tureg


    Månad sedan

    pls dont cut the outro, thanks!

  38. jake briscoe

    jake briscoe

    Månad sedan


  39. vanses04089 Unknown

    vanses04089 Unknown

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  40. Pog man

    Pog man

    Månad sedan

    He’s a problem



    Månad sedan

    Anyone know where I can get the top diff shirt he sometimes wears

  42. Nick Wright

    Nick Wright

    Månad sedan

    Plays 1000+ games of League every season... "Just killing the same npc for hours"

  43. Melton Watermoth

    Melton Watermoth

    Månad sedan

    Tyler you shoulda seen it

  44. Ethan Carter

    Ethan Carter

    Månad sedan

    That cut at the end lol

  45. Robyn Highart

    Robyn Highart

    Månad sedan

    Conventional construction was not used in the inception of Tyler1. This resulted in a bit of a problem.

  46. Aglot


    Månad sedan

    Tyler bro try Twisted fate for Ur mid Challenge, its a good Champ to solo que

  47. Doubl


    Månad sedan


  48. Obitos Light

    Obitos Light

    Månad sedan

    the only time t1 wasnt a problem to mankind, was at the moment when he was born. he went easy on his mom during birth, after that, he was ready to roll.

  49. Salvatore Amato

    Salvatore Amato

    Månad sedan

    Holy shit that singed was minishcap Idk why but it just seemed like it was him and then it turns out it is

  50. jitking Chang

    jitking Chang

    Månad sedan

    1:14 guy in chat “wanna break stuff” I’m thinking the same thing

  51. Tv Muffin

    Tv Muffin

    Månad sedan

    lmao pull-ups are only hard if u are 200kg lol but atleast u can lift anything

  52. Dusan Cucilovic

    Dusan Cucilovic

    Månad sedan

    Link the playlist baldie!!!!

  53. Riley Ringer

    Riley Ringer

    Månad sedan


  54. Dajshinshin


    Månad sedan

    Praise Cayla, T1 is a filthy casual, git gud

  55. Huff_Puff


    Månad sedan

    Dark souls franchise isnt hard, just frustrating

  56. Damian


    Månad sedan

    who read the title in t1’s fkin loud ass voice

  57. ipeeontheworld


    Månad sedan

    T1 is right. Elden Ring looks cringe and garbage and Dark souls is indeed fundamentally flawed and bad and i forced myself to beat the shit game before i made the statement. It's not hard its cheesy

  58. eruidfhjcvbn


    Månad sedan

    26:04 ekko: WHOO?!

  59. Cyanide Christ

    Cyanide Christ

    Månad sedan

    Hehe xd

  60. EnigmaJG


    Månad sedan

    i thought this was either one of the hodgetwins brother or! hitman from ps4 lol xD

  61. Khalid Rozisham

    Khalid Rozisham

    Månad sedan

    why dont you do boxing?

  62. SKT Pausanias

    SKT Pausanias

    Månad sedan

    Intro songs?

  63. A Ducc

    A Ducc

    Månad sedan

    6:42 I love how even tyler physically recoils at his dark souls reaction

  64. Austin Terry

    Austin Terry

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  65. Stefano Zadnich

    Stefano Zadnich

    Månad sedan

    0:06 when at the elementary school the teacher asks someone to help her carrying a desk and you and the boys go to help her and you're proud of your work

  66. Sunshine In Africa

    Sunshine In Africa

    Månad sedan

    dark souls 3 is honestly trash tho

  67. J Xue

    J Xue

    Månad sedan

    Rammus is such a terrible champion right now, it's so depressing to see.

  68. Thomas Sabo

    Thomas Sabo

    Månad sedan

    what's the song he was fistpumping to

  69. JG


    Månad sedan

    He's a prOblum

  70. Kyle


    Månad sedan

    whats that song at the start of the video?

  71. aryman singh

    aryman singh

    Månad sedan

    Force this man to play outlast trials

  72. War Baby

    War Baby

    Månad sedan

    Cant ban me here TT you're short as fuck

  73. Reehan Tahmid

    Reehan Tahmid

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  74. Sn00k3 _

    Sn00k3 _

    Månad sedan

    7:20 "lets kill the same npcs over and over..." plays jungle for thousands of hours

  75. Max Bradshaw

    Max Bradshaw

    Månad sedan

    Tyler doesnt seem to understand that when he plays support in gold or plat no matter how hard he tries, he cant carry enough with blitz or leona, he will actually have to rely on his adcs

  76. Koziol1


    Månad sedan

    What did he say at the end that he had to edit out?

  77. mushinutz


    Månad sedan

    any one got that playlist??!?!!!?

  78. Thorarinn


    Månad sedan

    So bronze in dark souls

  79. Taka


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  80. xY4SK4Px


    Månad sedan

    Irelia when getting camped: Go guys fuck me!

  81. Levi Cruz

    Levi Cruz

    Månad sedan

    This just in from North Korea turns out Tyler is a problem

  82. BigHarv


    Månad sedan

    john cena looking ass

  83. Cacklea


    Månad sedan

    6:00 mad cuz bad

  84. Trustworthy Crank Addict

    Trustworthy Crank Addict

    Månad sedan

    Lol, Tyler actually just bad at games that aren't league btw.

  85. Karma


    Månad sedan

    built problematically

  86. Alex Pr

    Alex Pr

    Månad sedan

    League player trash souls series… Thats real humor right there

  87. CPL S

    CPL S

    Månad sedan

    play subnautica or you're small

  88. 3\3 Elk Yeet

    3\3 Elk Yeet

    Månad sedan

    hahahahhahaha he hates on elden ring. He dumb af man

  89. Jarritos TF

    Jarritos TF

    Månad sedan

    To be fair to Tyler, he's not wrong about soulsborne having artificial difficulty. Just putting that out there

    • Rotten


      Månad sedan

      You're fake AF.

  90. Un Rave

    Un Rave

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  91. Vladi Minderlen

    Vladi Minderlen

    Månad sedan

    that intgriefer ekko posted his twitch yikes

  92. Raul frutis

    Raul frutis

    Månad sedan

    omg he uploaded the minishcap1 game

  93. BeetleBro 431

    BeetleBro 431

    Månad sedan

    Truly a mathematical incorrect individual or as the alternatives say... A problem.

  94. RyZeD


    Månad sedan


  95. Lautaro Quiroga

    Lautaro Quiroga

    Månad sedan

    LMAO he was laughing watching the clip

  96. Neseltuni I

    Neseltuni I

    Månad sedan

    I never knew jiri prohazkha played malphite jungle

  97. VengefulCarrot


    Månad sedan

    27:25 the biggest kudos in singed's career

  98. CJ B I G B O O T Y B U R I T O

    CJ B I G B O O T Y B U R I T O

    Månad sedan


  99. Renzo Lock

    Renzo Lock

    Månad sedan

    Wtf? Why didnt he tell me i was a cocksucking twig at the end. That was my favorite part. This guy is washed

  100. Travis Kreutzer

    Travis Kreutzer

    Månad sedan

    0:10 this is what keeps Putin awake at night Putin: "он проблема" (hes the problem)