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00:00 intro
03:38 fan letters
18:43 box openings
48:24 outro

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  1. Josh Burcroff

    Josh Burcroff

    8 dagar sedan




    9 dagar sedan

    Sponsor sent him something: This looks awful, Trash, Not gonna wear this Fan sent him something: Awee nice cool, Thank you I'll use this

  3. Chris Findlay

    Chris Findlay

    27 dagar sedan

    Tyler trynna act like Kumaru Usman is the cringiest shit ever.

  4. Red Cobra Gaming

    Red Cobra Gaming

    Månad sedan

    bro i let youtube running before i go to sleep o nsome random video but then i woke up to your yelling

  5. Chris Findlay

    Chris Findlay

    Månad sedan

    Tyler’s really trynna be kumaru usman thats funny.

  6. BigBossIsBack


    Månad sedan

    Where do I get the TOP GAY shirt?

  7. Haisam Khattak

    Haisam Khattak

    Månad sedan

    Hehe XD

  8. Luke G

    Luke G

    Månad sedan

    So..can I get any of the stuff you don't want/won't use? KDA gear please... :D

  9. Mint- Zero

    Mint- Zero

    Månad sedan

    u can always use the kda stuff as give aways or to someone who will actually respect it also why u open mail like an ape.



    Månad sedan

    I think we just all forgot about PO box

  11. johnny appleseed

    johnny appleseed

    Månad sedan

    The shaggy self obviously attempt because author coronally wander by a like carnation. sweltering, ruthless fireman

  12. blu


    Månad sedan

  13. John Some

    John Some

    Månad sedan

    Imagine being so mentally ill u buy KDA merch... like holy shit, it's worse than a titty mousepad.

  14. John Doo

    John Doo

    Månad sedan

    men... I'm on a headset while listening on you and jeez...

  15. Dot Exe

    Dot Exe

    Månad sedan

    One of the few streamers that seems to actually be a decent person. No suprise he has a nice gf without crazy drama shit. I have no time to watch a lot of his content but I never caught him putting out any negativity if it is not for comedic purposes.

    • MegaAssasin47


      Månad sedan

      honestly bro i think it comes from how grateful he is for what hes built and not forgetting where he came from. T1 is literally the only streamer /youtuber i can stand to watch nowadays.

  16. Túgamin3744N FF

    Túgamin3744N FF

    Månad sedan

    Tiến bịp đây

  17. rj rj

    rj rj

    Månad sedan

    could have been your 100th dislike but i am a true fucking fan

  18. Be Rain

    Be Rain

    Månad sedan

    Is thia real tyler1?

  19. Fortnite Legion

    Fortnite Legion

    Månad sedan

    dudes a multi millionaire going to dollar general and getting haircuts from his mom

  20. Alexander Divino

    Alexander Divino

    Månad sedan

    Twitch really sent the man black af1s lol



    Månad sedan

    45:17 Nataz_k: “You’ll get it back in 9 months” LMAO

  22. no


    Månad sedan

    It's true, you gotta wear very thick socks so the feet don't dance inside the shoe, also absorbs more sweat. t. i was a bball player

  23. intervals


    Månad sedan

    the way he kept calling the guy's letter about the stream helping his depression and anxiety "weird" and saying "I'm not going to read this" was kinda shitty ngl

  24. Milan Memer

    Milan Memer

    Månad sedan

    You can be a santa

  25. Alex Guilbaud

    Alex Guilbaud

    Månad sedan

    27:40 it wasn't inside out, you can see the guy in the picture wearing it that way!!!

  26. Dislike Atpiska

    Dislike Atpiska

    Månad sedan

    23:17 красавчик Алкоголь фу сигареты фу парень посмотри на мою эстетику

  27. wasup Yo

    wasup Yo

    Månad sedan

    ... tyler is something wrong with ur head?? everytime i see a video of you all i see is crimply head, blue headphones and “ sup sup “ 👳🏽‍♀️🧢📡

  28. SixStringMental


    Månad sedan

    I appreciate you because I have autism too. You're awesome.

  29. CalebSai


    Månad sedan

    W he signing it for the homie!!

  30. CalebSai


    Månad sedan

    Ima bit of a problem!!! LUL

  31. Prima Natura

    Prima Natura

    Månad sedan

    where i can buy thats holographic dragonball poster? 41:36

  32. Delly Delicious

    Delly Delicious

    Månad sedan

    Prob mid

  33. Ge1ber


    Månad sedan

    My man was a little bit disapointed for no having fan mails

  34. Austin McKinney

    Austin McKinney

    Månad sedan

    Fuck you Lindsey

  35. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Månad sedan


  36. Rayan Javed

    Rayan Javed

    Månad sedan

    Imagine if Tyler was a maths teacher. He would just be the goatest . coming into the class with a SUP SUP. We back in this bitch yet again

  37. d0fabur5st


    Månad sedan

    34:20 dude that uv flashlight can literally blind you. Holy shit so nervous

  38. Sev


    Månad sedan

    Can just paint black airforce 1s all white kekw before anyone comments I think white is cooler to pair clothes with and black would just make me wear more dark clothes while I wanna wear cool colored clothes

  39. Xavi05


    Månad sedan

    *WTFFFFf are THoooOOOOSE*

  40. Snowy


    Månad sedan

    41:25 Looks sick wtf

  41. johnny appleseed

    johnny appleseed

    Månad sedan

    The ruthless shrine only dress because vibraphone archaeologically dam aside a dramatic bail. ratty, scattered tachometer

  42. donatelotonu XD

    donatelotonu XD

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  43. Monke Facs

    Monke Facs

    Månad sedan




    Månad sedan


  45. yahya le boss

    yahya le boss

    Månad sedan

    that guy is tricky from the fnf mod irl

  46. Alex syandis

    Alex syandis

    Månad sedan

    Cash at 32:40 thank me later ;)

  47. Julian


    Månad sedan

    Winnable, jg diff, I'm build different and now I'm a problem

  48. Drei Drei

    Drei Drei

    Månad sedan

    Jesus Loves all of you guys

  49. CorruptedWhisper


    Månad sedan

    Yes I’m a vod f word

  50. Kegan Goo

    Kegan Goo

    Månad sedan


  51. Jd Don

    Jd Don

    Månad sedan

    The way he opens boxes is just rabbid, that kda opening hurt my soul

  52. RFS


    Månad sedan


  53. Wihtikoww


    Månad sedan

    lmao at the checkout isle im a bit of a problem "ritch mans voice xD

  54. Bard Main

    Bard Main

    Månad sedan

    Yooooo YU YU hakusho

  55. P. Lemon

    P. Lemon

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  56. ben soto

    ben soto

    Månad sedan

    im b3ns0t0, i can’t believe i’m in the youtuber video ❤️

  57. Ligma Balls

    Ligma Balls

    Månad sedan

    Hehe xd

  58. BIONIC Worm

    BIONIC Worm

    Månad sedan

    Bro your a bit of a problem

  59. Aaash


    Månad sedan

    i still remember the days when tyler used to feed us when he was eating, was a better time

    • MegaAssasin47


      Månad sedan

      i know i miss it too man, im starving :(

  60. Tiago Ferradaz

    Tiago Ferradaz

    Månad sedan


  61. Tiago Ferradaz

    Tiago Ferradaz

    Månad sedan


  62. Doritos


    Månad sedan

    Harry and David is expensive bro! That’s a good fan !

  63. Letsplaylikechamps


    Månad sedan

    Tyler1 is the type of dude to yell at you and then give you a hug 🤗!

  64. vander amazing

    vander amazing

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  65. King Cookie

    King Cookie

    Månad sedan

    @33:41 chat really said "TOP GAP" cuz of T1's head dent ☠️

  66. Terrance Newborn

    Terrance Newborn

    Månad sedan

    Just came to be the 500th comment

  67. Riki Rahmat Hidayat_37 _XI D

    Riki Rahmat Hidayat_37 _XI D

    Månad sedan

    You Idol 😘😘😘😀😀

  68. Coach Bababoi

    Coach Bababoi

    Månad sedan

    ok guys, im gonna be honest, i would make a better shoe design than those ugly twitch black forces

  69. joska kis

    joska kis

    Månad sedan

    Tyler did you take your medicine today? fuck sake, you are hyperactive af. Take that Adderall

  70. Keegan Seidman

    Keegan Seidman

    Månad sedan

    Got my like for the newborn suit 😎

  71. Laux


    Månad sedan


  72. EmptyStuff


    Månad sedan

    37:12 I cried laughing.



    Månad sedan

    @ 13:10 slow down to .25x playback speed, your welcome

  74. EmptyStuff


    Månad sedan

    Chat saying Godiva is a top brand... I'm Belgian, let me explain. My aunt had a Godiva store by the way. Godiva is a good brand, but not my favorite. It exports well as the quality is good and the production is huge. But we have way tastier / more luxurious brands, which doesn't export as well because more expensive / smaller production. Try Neuhaus or Marcolini and now we're talking. There are also smaller chocolate brands that I prefer, but you'll never find them unless you come to Belgium.

  75. Y3di clan

    Y3di clan

    Månad sedan

    Hi Tyler :)

  76. Draekoh


    Månad sedan

    Thumbnail: When your mom gives you 20 dollars infront of your friends

  77. Dominick Miller

    Dominick Miller

    Månad sedan

    37:42 Tyler1 year old.

  78. Exotic Kennith

    Exotic Kennith

    Månad sedan

    Tim was tired of being ignored in chat so made sure he was heard

  79. Despacindor


    Månad sedan

    KDA bath rug lmao

  80. mihi edere

    mihi edere

    Månad sedan

    what a huge prick

  81. Cash Tatum

    Cash Tatum

    Månad sedan

    The dbz holo was so dope I want one

  82. 사나 울사나 울

    사나 울사나 울

    Månad sedan

    I hope kayla will have those kda dope ass logitech peripherals

  83. Random Khajiit

    Random Khajiit

    Månad sedan

    "WoW tYlEr iTs FoR HanDiCaPpeD PeOple" omg fucking cry about it

  84. Isiah Jimenez

    Isiah Jimenez

    Månad sedan

    The tuxedo made me cry of laughter I couldn't Hold back

  85. Richard Quinto

    Richard Quinto

    Månad sedan

    Day 1 of me watching Tyler1's videos everyday for a year.

  86. KingOfTime2013


    Månad sedan

    Actually why doesn't he use the top pc equipment? As a streamer its a really good investment (not to mention he can get them for free)

  87. Rajinder Yadav

    Rajinder Yadav

    Månad sedan

    Can someone type out the fuck linsy poem?

  88. [Bennedict ]

    [Bennedict ]

    Månad sedan

    *we still know when ur food got fucking shit died in your fucking floor*

  89. Lance Lee

    Lance Lee

    Månad sedan

    bro chat is fucking hilarious

  90. loli con

    loli con

    Månad sedan

    I'm a problem merch when?

  91. Maxim


    Månad sedan

    The chat was slightly ahead of the recording so I could sense what he was reading before he even said it lol

    • CalebSai


      Månad sedan

      & i still laughed LMFAOO

  92. ?


    Månad sedan

    Mid gap Xd

  93. rice cake

    rice cake

    Månad sedan

    i think hes a bit of a problem

  94. 09Drdray


    Månad sedan

    Tyler 1 saying hes a bit of a problem is becoming a bit of a problem

  95. Bobby Grady

    Bobby Grady

    Månad sedan

    How to watch Tyler1 video: Step one: Click on video Step two: turn down volume at least 30% Step three: enjoy :)

  96. DeeJay


    Månad sedan

    A bald problem is the worst problem.

  97. Zeek Bud

    Zeek Bud

    Månad sedan

    Inside out XD hahahahaha

  98. Zeek Bud

    Zeek Bud

    Månad sedan

    Gotta love that Pepsi smell, wtf XD

  99. 1980sRetailStoreMusic


    Månad sedan

    Local streamer goes INSANE and hoards stolen mail for year "for content"

  100. Fable


    Månad sedan

    “A bit of a problem” merch when??