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00:00 intro (im a problem in the gym)
05:54 league cinematic
12:33 irelia mid
20:32 irelia mid
29:52 outro

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  1. Kris Lemmen

    Kris Lemmen

    12 dagar sedan

    33:30 TRUE T1 TRUE

  2. Sebiha Erdogan

    Sebiha Erdogan

    27 dagar sedan


  3. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Månad sedan


  4. Sash Panov

    Sash Panov

    Månad sedan

    what a legend! keep it up Big T

  5. sharbel simon

    sharbel simon

    Månad sedan

    sup sup

  6. ke kw

    ke kw

    Månad sedan


  7. Kenan Elkadri

    Kenan Elkadri

    Månad sedan


  8. Thisal Atukorale

    Thisal Atukorale

    Månad sedan


  9. Saro Karoghlaian

    Saro Karoghlaian

    Månad sedan

    Kermit is stil with Us

  10. Dewey Tran

    Dewey Tran

    Månad sedan

    Everything you described at the end is true, except that I’m 195x better looking than you KEKW

  11. [ Cognitohazard Removed ]

    [ Cognitohazard Removed ]

    Månad sedan

    My man T's composition is quite uncommon

  12. Asa Mayeux

    Asa Mayeux

    Månad sedan

    we shipping akshan and vayne right?

  13. Samz


    Månad sedan

    any deadlift if a sumo when ur 5'1

  14. J3rry


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  15. Pat Anger

    Pat Anger

    Månad sedan

    20$ bro lets do it i want your shoes

  16. Edward Polo

    Edward Polo

    Månad sedan

    Viego is just as broken in the cutscene as in game.

  17. BlackKnight_007


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  18. OrangyTangy


    Månad sedan

    Tyler1 ur intros keep on cracking me up

  19. Minh Long Dương

    Minh Long Dương

    Månad sedan

    viego looks like hashinshin

  20. Dailyday


    Månad sedan

    i wish they delete veigo and gwen after that

  21. Yo Joey S

    Yo Joey S

    Månad sedan

    got a challenge for you t1 you fill every single game

  22. Too Saucy

    Too Saucy

    Månad sedan

    Dangg is youtube age restricting his vids?? The outro isn't as funny anymore D:

  23. Mesut Efe Özdemir

    Mesut Efe Özdemir

    Månad sedan

    O humanity! Indeed, there has come to you a warning from your Lord, a cure for what is in the hearts, a guide, and a mercy for the believers. (Surah Yunus)

  24. Pro League Clips

    Pro League Clips

    Månad sedan

    Tyler1 = PRO + BLEM

  25. Obunga Babang

    Obunga Babang

    Månad sedan

    What's the backsound called around 25:54?

  26. Ouchiegiverjr


    Månad sedan

    Yone gets 10 minute beautifully made animated short that’s just for him being in the game now, the RUINED king doesn’t get shit. 5 min of anticlimactic bullshit.

  27. bixo


    Månad sedan

    so bad

  28. Justin Emery

    Justin Emery

    Månad sedan

    That 2nd game was literally league of hourglass jfc

  29. Victor Knapik

    Victor Knapik

    Månad sedan

    That sucks, why always the guys that I want to win are losing. To be honest on the other hand that was easy to expect to 2 black characters to win and be the “heroes” 🤡

  30. BurgerMerker


    Månad sedan

    i haven't played league in over a year, i just watch tyler's videos for tyler himself, and that cinematic is confusing af

  31. PeepoHappy


    Månad sedan

    I just love how those retarted normie plebs in chat type ABUSER or IRELIA WEIRDCHAMP everytime he makes a good play, when he dies they are like SO BAD KEKW OMEGALUL or FEEDER HAHA when literally 90% of those retards are peak bronze 3 it just hurts me so much when i see those idiots type this shit

  32. M'senior _

    M'senior _

    Månad sedan

    the higher the quality, the stupider the narrative. riot just can't balance their shit. always polarized to one side or another

  33. out


    Månad sedan

    careful MAXXING all the time tyler1

    • out


      Månad sedan

      T1 is a MAXXER LEGEND

  34. Brian Erb

    Brian Erb

    Månad sedan

    glad to see the mickey mouse challenge is going well

  35. Anthony Reese

    Anthony Reese

    Månad sedan

    There was three times I watched these people walk past a ward he scanned and then sit in it and do nothing . I see why he’s always yelling

  36. Ryan Thele

    Ryan Thele

    Månad sedan

    chalk it up babe

  37. JesseAndStuff


    Månad sedan

    So that means they’ll delete him from the game now right, cus he’s frozen

  38. Pongu


    Månad sedan

    The fact that he left out Amumu in his champ pool makes me sad but it's so canon, poor Amumu

  39. SiputPencen


    Månad sedan


  40. The Silly Player

    The Silly Player

    Månad sedan

    My SE-one app crashed right when tt stood up and said “I’m a fucking problem!”

  41. ignacio guzman

    ignacio guzman

    Månad sedan

    Irelia to challenger is going well I see

  42. Tedrick Gula

    Tedrick Gula

    Månad sedan

    If you lift with a belt you're trash

  43. Parker Bai

    Parker Bai

    Månad sedan

    That may have been Riot's worst cinematic ever, even worse than the Ornn one

  44. Isaacmcdan84


    Månad sedan

    Needs a 400lb bench those would be clean numbers

  45. Jorge Ramos Estrada

    Jorge Ramos Estrada

    Månad sedan

    you remind me of geodude

  46. xlunkness0monsterx


    Månad sedan

    Holy shit look at those high heels 🙊

  47. Super Toddy

    Super Toddy

    Månad sedan

    That's how it feels to play against viego

  48. Kevin Fahlman

    Kevin Fahlman

    Månad sedan

    Irelia mid just feels like he is scamming this mid challenge.

  49. I M

    I M

    Månad sedan

    Love seeing hardstuck Silver chat be upset that someone can climb with Irelia mid.

    • Yassine El Rhandour

      Yassine El Rhandour

      Månad sedan

      I don't think it's the fact that he can climb with irelia mid but I think it's more that people wanted to see T1 play mages rather than irelia all the time which he already did during the top challenge

  50. Average Greg

    Average Greg

    Månad sedan

    LoL cinematics are like all the worst parts of Marvel movies put together

  51. Beehtoven Headass

    Beehtoven Headass

    Månad sedan

    Sooooooo viego is just a special event right

  52. Nightlord700


    Månad sedan

    gas shoe

  53. Big Neuton

    Big Neuton

    Månad sedan

    7:52 Blizzard be like:

  54. DOID


    Månad sedan

    Shokran ya allah 3ala ne3amak 3alayna.

  55. Blake Carr

    Blake Carr

    Månad sedan

    Senna so gawdayum Fine i swear to gwad!!!

  56. أجمل مقاطع تيك توك

    أجمل مقاطع تيك توك

    Månad sedan

    Hi 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦❤❤❤

  57. Vega Main

    Vega Main

    Månad sedan

    Zed jungle lol

  58. Ramblings of a Man

    Ramblings of a Man

    Månad sedan

    At this point irelia for supp challenge lol

  59. gotmenu


    Månad sedan

    Eddie Hall, Hafthor, T1... "in 20 Weeks I'm hitting 1000lbs".. xd this kid is f funny xD

  60. Trevor V

    Trevor V

    Månad sedan

    well everyone, thank you for buying our skins, events over

  61. Josh Gallagher

    Josh Gallagher

    Månad sedan

    bring back old LoL Cinematics of them fighting the whole time

  62. Chano


    Månad sedan

    What do these kid chatters think a mid laner is if not irelia? I bet he can't even pick syndra without them being like SHE CAN BE PLAYED ADC WTF MID CHALLENGE QUOTATION

  63. SnowLepard92


    Månad sedan

    Lmao saw an idiot type hardstuck d1..when that ape prob hardstuck in silver 😂 I don't get those type of people

  64. DinoHat


    Månad sedan

    you're getting so huge man xD

  65. Boobiesenpai Moment

    Boobiesenpai Moment

    Månad sedan

    Cause u got me howling howling!

  66. Benjamin Boucher

    Benjamin Boucher

    Månad sedan

    Large humanoid assembled in an unconventional way.

  67. J_ McGee__

    J_ McGee__

    Månad sedan

    Fr I could lift more when I switched to low bar

  68. cyb3rpunk


    Månad sedan

    Mid challenge? More like “Mickey Mouse” challenge. Bruteforcing top champs into mid lane KEKW

  69. Ronaldinho Gaucho

    Ronaldinho Gaucho

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  70. MR_mb


    Månad sedan


  71. Fishyforyou


    Månad sedan

    "Irelia Challenge"

  72. Mr. McCheese

    Mr. McCheese

    Månad sedan

    Just me, or does he sound like Kermit The Frog at 29:42?

  73. Desdress


    Månad sedan

    is it just me or is he slowly becoming Ali G?

  74. ContentOrchid


    Månad sedan

    i just barely heard the fortnite default dance when janna DC'd and thought i was losing my mind

  75. Govanni


    Månad sedan

    He’s about to his masters in literally a couple weeks of starting this challenge

    • Shakhriyar Abdullayev

      Shakhriyar Abdullayev

      Månad sedan

      Chill bro 600 more games to go

  76. N00btr00per


    Månad sedan

    hehe xD

  77. CringeProduction


    Månad sedan

    Bruh how fast did time move, I swear to god I didn’t think the power meet was that far ago

  78. Mark Reeves

    Mark Reeves

    Månad sedan

    he he xd

  79. ponder


    Månad sedan

    champion ocean btw

  80. Armando G

    Armando G

    Månad sedan

    Viego the Simp King

  81. On Firee

    On Firee

    Månad sedan

    How he get 15 lp wtf is this:lols

  82. Mtzt Taha

    Mtzt Taha

    Månad sedan


  83. OV S

    OV S

    Månad sedan


  84. HibikiMochii


    Månad sedan

    irelia players complaining about broken champs is like jeff bezos complaining about not having enough money

    • MARSH


      Månad sedan

      It’s like him tweeting eat the rich

  85. Edmund Kwong

    Edmund Kwong

    Månad sedan

    he cut all the curse words at the outro for that bag KEKW

  86. rustydusty2873


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  87. Oh whale

    Oh whale

    Månad sedan

    This man is absolute juicing

  88. OrderingFoodwGoogle DoxesU

    OrderingFoodwGoogle DoxesU

    Månad sedan

    So... Viego was CC'd to death? Figures

  89. Bev


    Månad sedan

    The new upcoming champ. Akshan girlfriend.

  90. LoopedTime


    Månad sedan

    Tyler one deadlifts a full 7inches off the ground. Build diff.

  91. Rubiqs Tv

    Rubiqs Tv

    Månad sedan

    New champ incoming

  92. nesfan8


    Månad sedan

    Great video again Tirelia1

  93. Aryan G123

    Aryan G123

    Månad sedan

    diffy i nthe miffy

  94. Anthony Chen

    Anthony Chen

    Månad sedan

    What's the song name at 15:30?

  95. DejaVuDudes


    Månad sedan

    I always like to make fun of the losers in chat @ ing each other lmao no friends irl! Wish he'd purge the weebs

  96. dawshown williams

    dawshown williams

    Månad sedan

    is this cinematic implying that theyre going to remove viego from the game? hope so

  97. Sorin


    Månad sedan

    gwen looks like shit in that cinematic lfmao

  98. Sergio


    Månad sedan

    Stop playing Irelia mid you bastard ...

  99. Lorenzo Hz

    Lorenzo Hz

    Månad sedan

    hehe Xd

  100. Jason M

    Jason M

    Månad sedan

    In the title, the only thing that should be in quotations is the MID part lol