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  1. JD_Lione


    8 dagar sedan

    22:14 Tyler is so happy he starts stuttering! Feelsgoodman! Thinking back on the old days where Tyler was toxic AF, and looking at this now, is just awesome! #Reformed

  2. Aro


    18 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  3. Last Ping

    Last Ping

    29 dagar sedan

    Makes me sad that a bunch of 14 yr olds watch him he deserves better 🤧

  4. Corrupt


    Månad sedan

    Bro I need to verify my age to watch this XD?

  5. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

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  6. Sean Avery

    Sean Avery

    Månad sedan

    I swear this brainlet chat will say "Kappa" to anything Tyler1 says these days. They have about two brain cells left. "I just went to the gym today and-" *Kappa* "I think if I had my shield I might-" *Kappa*

  7. Jeff Jade

    Jeff Jade

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  8. Ross Booth

    Ross Booth

    Månad sedan

    $1.40 a litre for gas here in canada... for regular....

  9. Sakara


    Månad sedan

    14:10 My dude even got the E bug, Riot needs to fix that pronto.

  10. Mr. Someone

    Mr. Someone

    Månad sedan

    How did you climb so fast?

  11. Zombie Heart

    Zombie Heart

    Månad sedan

    This video has so much content it's one of the best, I was laughing so much

  12. Rosangela Ferreira

    Rosangela Ferreira

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  13. Rosangela Ferreira

    Rosangela Ferreira

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  14. Jake russell

    Jake russell

    Månad sedan

    I haven't watched T1 in awhile is he not play draven anymore?

  15. Clay


    Månad sedan

    that sup sup was epic

  16. ELS


    Månad sedan

    T1 finna discover and even more unconventional form of biodiesel

  17. Mac


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    22:14 thots

  18. Sergio


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    No more IRELIA for the love of god it is so boring ....

  19. Aga


    Månad sedan

    32:30 whats bettet than witnessing tyler smash some bots? seeing it twice

  20. bigjoe506


    Månad sedan

    just the title made me laugh here we go

  21. Topi Syrja

    Topi Syrja

    Månad sedan

    Why show that one fight twice?

  22. fazeel ashraf

    fazeel ashraf

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  23. Muhamet Kozic

    Muhamet Kozic

    Månad sedan

    If u scream i give u 100,000 money

  24. Official Olli

    Official Olli

    Månad sedan

    If u getting ur own gas company it should be ‘Oiler1’

  25. Juli G

    Juli G

    Månad sedan

    Lmao I love T1's chat, people calling him narcissistic when he says he didn't build up a storyline. HE'S A CONTENT CREATOR, these challenges are for fun what do these nerds expect?

  26. sandro zirakadze

    sandro zirakadze

    Månad sedan

    What’s the song on the background at 45:41

  27. Harold Puente

    Harold Puente

    Månad sedan

    Obama 37:52

  28. LaVirtuoso


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  29. Carlos Mendoza

    Carlos Mendoza

    Månad sedan

    We do are is be back ofc

  30. A I

    A I

    Månad sedan

    Big T knew the play at 32:10 was so clean he made us watch it twice, truly built diff

  31. CensoredMercy


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  32. Mesut Efe Özdemir

    Mesut Efe Özdemir

    Månad sedan

    Surely this Quran guides to what is most upright, and gives good news to the believers-who do good-that they will have a mighty reward. (Surah Al-Isra)

  33. Johnny Peña-Gomez

    Johnny Peña-Gomez

    Månad sedan

    Bruh Tyler stop being a bum and honor your teammates after games especially when they carry you 😂

  34. NOT a Scrub

    NOT a Scrub

    Månad sedan

    Irelia challenge

  35. Janick11


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  36. Khalil Ladjal

    Khalil Ladjal

    Månad sedan

    buy an electric car , but a tesla u are rich

  37. orion noullet

    orion noullet

    Månad sedan

    Top worst role change my mind

  38. Ah Jo

    Ah Jo

    Månad sedan

    this video aged really bad... :/

  39. Trash Wizard

    Trash Wizard

    Månad sedan

    32:33 Replay it again

  40. Bad Boy Boris

    Bad Boy Boris

    Månad sedan

    I was invited to a wedding, but I had no money for a gift, because I donate all my money to T1 stream, so I brought this video and played it for the bride and groom. They liked it. +1.

  41. sanjana guha

    sanjana guha

    Månad sedan

    I really love you Tyler 1!youre the best

  42. Black Goku

    Black Goku

    Månad sedan

    *Tyler is so happy!*

  43. badmox boi 22 Malik

    badmox boi 22 Malik

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  44. Audunfk


    Månad sedan

    «Strategic demote» truly built different

  45. Gruby Benek

    Gruby Benek

    Månad sedan

    how tf is this master level, these guys playin like apes rotfl

  46. Сергей Квардаков

    Сергей Квардаков

    Månad sedan

    hey, clowns, welcome to my new channel with draven guides and each other im from russia , and will make content for you (speak eng)

  47. Must Execute

    Must Execute

    Månad sedan

    Cali has been in the $4 range for years

  48. Tyler Fennell

    Tyler Fennell

    Månad sedan

    So when we starting the 5 role rank 1 challenge? Maybe all 5 accounts 1-5 NA

  49. The Sith Code

    The Sith Code

    Månad sedan

    If that Zed is high diamond or any diamond in particular, then NA really has a problem. That kid was clueless how to play his lane or champion.

  50. Golden Frijol

    Golden Frijol

    Månad sedan

    he actually ended stream xd. "see you TOMORROW >;]' " - t1

  51. Kiseijuu


    Månad sedan

    26:15 perfect content right there, Tyler is a genius

  52. Kiseijuu


    Månad sedan

    The first vid I ever put a like on, this vid is perfect thx Tyler you goated

  53. AW W

    AW W

    Månad sedan

    419 games for a brand new role?? Jgl too easy and T1 is made in another way

  54. jaap ten dijk

    jaap ten dijk

    Månad sedan

    3 dollars for 4 litres of gasoline? Damn thats cheap as hell

  55. Iriya


    Månad sedan

    14:30 everybody laughing at Pyke but people forget Ashe flashed healed and miss her heal!

  56. mouine mhb

    mouine mhb

    Månad sedan

    didnt aatrox used to be like a strong mid pick no?

  57. AW W

    AW W

    Månad sedan

    6:55 super clean kill

  58. TOP [DREAM]


    Månad sedan

    This server is so trash

  59. wopwop nah

    wopwop nah

    Månad sedan

    After making support Challenger he should make complete autofill to Challenger

  60. Robert Tran

    Robert Tran

    Månad sedan

    11:11 insane

  61. Bidoof


    Månad sedan

    He kept comparing himself to Dwayne Johnson but hes probably more like The Rock

  62. venko


    Månad sedan

    Why are you furry

  63. amadeus


    Månad sedan

    Whats the challenge? He has to reach challenger in every line?

  64. Somethingelse


    Månad sedan

    wp, T1!

  65. The Dude

    The Dude

    Månad sedan

    Hurry up so I can see the support to challenger

  66. The Purple A

    The Purple A

    Månad sedan

    "your not even playing mages mid lane" and you're flaming him for it?

  67. Airz_N


    Månad sedan

    heh xd

  68. Moogle


    Månad sedan

    nice repeated clip

  69. 345ezze


    Månad sedan

    This confirms it, in terms of difficulty Jungle then Top then Mid

    • ITSME hello

      ITSME hello

      Månad sedan

      wut, ur math wrong?

  70. Justin Price

    Justin Price

    Månad sedan

    For anyone who bags Tyler out 1. He's a beast. Look at him. 2. The way he adapts so quickly is amazing

  71. mai the game ใ จ เ ก เ ร

    mai the game ใ จ เ ก เ ร

    Månad sedan

    hi Tyler 1 I'm love u to meme 😂

  72. Märg Sokk

    Märg Sokk

    Månad sedan

    The fact that i paused to see myself in chat is unbelivable

  73. Valid Edits I think

    Valid Edits I think

    Månad sedan

    3 pizzas a week?!? Big T got those BIG CHOLESTEROL buildups He’s not pretending in these intros he’s genuinely experiencing a stroke each time

  74. DepressedBut WellDressed

    DepressedBut WellDressed

    Månad sedan

    When he talks to himself oml

  75. Yiikou


    Månad sedan

    he repeated the clip at 32:40 lol

  76. ? Vandelas ?

    ? Vandelas ?

    Månad sedan

    Are pepeLaughs really that small in his chat? Wtf

  77. Crimson Commet

    Crimson Commet

    Månad sedan

    this ending was amazing



    Månad sedan

    T1 talking to past T1 is actually top level content



      Månad sedan

      @Drepano 26:15

    • Drepano


      Månad sedan

      at which minute does he do that?

  79. Rain


    Månad sedan

    With the way he's complaining about the gas prices (which is a hella valid complaint) If this ever spreads to twitter I think some extremist would have him cancelled for striking Biden lmao

  80. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    Månad sedan

    Why are people crying about his champ picks lmao, I literally play all those champs on midlane except akshan, and Faker had picked more bizzare champs on midlane.

  81. Criss Carreon

    Criss Carreon

    Månad sedan

    This game is such a disease. Yup, that's right. Tyler couldn't just said it better.

  82. SteezyLab


    Månad sedan

    What kind of pies you got?

  83. urmomsundies


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  84. Nine's Own Goal

    Nine's Own Goal

    Månad sedan

    14:25 Zed did zero damage lmao

  85. Riley White

    Riley White

    Månad sedan

    imagine having petrol at 60c/L not me

  86. jesse garcia

    jesse garcia

    Månad sedan

    Does it count if he’s just playing top laners in mid

  87. Jaasl


    Månad sedan

    The title already made me laugh. "Strategic demote" is such a Tyler thing to say.

  88. joshua dyas

    joshua dyas

    Månad sedan


  89. Drizzy.-


    Månad sedan

    32:15 just got some serious deja vu

  90. Jai Salmon

    Jai Salmon

    Månad sedan

    I would pay good money to see a T1 Dwayne Johnson Power meet

  91. Michael Leong

    Michael Leong

    Månad sedan

    22:04 thoguhted

  92. Yonne


    Månad sedan


  93. Vergil


    Månad sedan

    Like I said, toplaners are the best players in the game.

  94. Wizardbound 77

    Wizardbound 77

    Månad sedan

    Hmmm the pyke is very bad Might have been me (I just want to clarify that I am bronze so that couldn’t have been me

  95. WildKard


    Månad sedan

    Can someone explain to me what the mickey mouse thing means

  96. Gastón Miceli

    Gastón Miceli

    Månad sedan

    this dude is the best streamer by far

  97. Emo Whale

    Emo Whale

    Månad sedan

    i’m confused who are mickey mouse champs

  98. Jej Flexington

    Jej Flexington

    Månad sedan

    Holy fuck hes speeding through mid, truly assembled uniquely

  99. Iori


    Månad sedan

    He’s losing on purpose so the challenge lasts longer truly built different

  100. Joey Zoota-Lucero

    Joey Zoota-Lucero

    Månad sedan

    $3 a gallon for gas sound AMAZING!!! In Los Angeles it’s 4.30 for the cheapest right now