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00:00 intro
05:27 patch notes
19:56 annie mid
28:58 annie mid goon squad
38:16 jarvan jungle
47:39 annie mid
54:42 outro

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  1. Aro


    16 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  2. Nate


    29 dagar sedan

    Is that Jamaican banana?

  3. Sub you won’t

    Sub you won’t

    Månad sedan

    That j4 surprisingly super clean

  4. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Månad sedan


  5. Olle Spengler

    Olle Spengler

    Månad sedan

    I saw ezreal int call and i then proceeded to start my first ranked game in 7 days saying i cant be that bad, and guess what, i called i would be lvl 2 ganked, forgot about it, got ganked and died, and threw the entire game. Sadge

  6. TheScarface032915


    Månad sedan

    39:11 lol, intentional from her?

  7. xxSoGRAMBOxx


    Månad sedan

    hey t1 can u dunk

  8. Playable Character

    Playable Character

    Månad sedan

    Yo I personally think that if you flash, daisy and tibbers respectively should also flash towards your cursor too, adding to the macro of alt clicking them around that no one uses except one tricks

  9. Martin Luther

    Martin Luther

    Månad sedan

    truly a problem for society

  10. Nisitha Madhawa

    Nisitha Madhawa

    Månad sedan

    Big D !

  11. João Francisco Baptista Almeida

    João Francisco Baptista Almeida

    Månad sedan

    You finally look muscular.

  12. zer0edgy


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  13. Tenchua


    Månad sedan

    Tyler is a monster in every role, he's never autofilled (unless support). HE'S A PROBLEM

    • 5 -iwnl-

      5 -iwnl-

      Månad sedan

      Facts but I wouldn’t say he is autofilled in support mans is constructed irregularly and misses every skill shot on support but wins due to his massive iq

  14. kim dimla

    kim dimla

    Månad sedan

    i was there

  15. Mohammad Hisyam

    Mohammad Hisyam

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  16. Giyu Kurokku

    Giyu Kurokku

    Månad sedan

    As a Karma Main, its more cd but evrything does a little bit more

  17. krieg kat

    krieg kat

    Månad sedan

    *wake up *open youtube *click on tyler *fucking dies

  18. Patrick Z

    Patrick Z

    Månad sedan

    Why cut the outro when the intro is loud asf and he yells all game anyways? I miss watching the outro.

  19. Aflacist


    Månad sedan

    I don't enjoy watching you troll.

  20. ShemPain


    Månad sedan

    nice vid man! you're really an inspiration. I just started my own channel, would really love for you to check it out :)

  21. Faris Sharabati

    Faris Sharabati

    Månad sedan

    18:54 Pepelaugh

  22. Bence Balázs

    Bence Balázs

    Månad sedan

    Small brain energy

  23. The Virtuosö

    The Virtuosö

    Månad sedan

    How busted is annie wtf

  24. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda

    Månad sedan

    Didn’t they just nerf ziggs mana?

  25. Daniel Robinson

    Daniel Robinson

    Månad sedan

    Annie is extremely broken after the latest patch

  26. Mantas Vasiliauskas

    Mantas Vasiliauskas

    Månad sedan

    tyler1 subs and lvl

  27. Miraj Ahmed

    Miraj Ahmed

    Månad sedan

    Tyler 1 is a kind of person who is gonna say "Naisu Naisu Naisu Naisu' and make me laugh with this simple ass joke

  28. Herraylivaapeli


    Månad sedan

    No matter how bad my day is. The SUP SUP! Gets me on a good mood every single fucking time.

  29. Antonio6579


    Månad sedan

    Why does he always have to fking ear rape in the intro

  30. Stary Harry

    Stary Harry

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  31. P-Nut


    Månad sedan

    The c@ck is veiny!

  32. polskikarzel


    Månad sedan

    29:21 JEBAC PIS

  33. dark knight

    dark knight

    Månad sedan

    You look even more buff than before

  34. ap ap

    ap ap

    Månad sedan

    tylers loss was actually more enjoyable to watch than a lot of his wins lmaoo

  35. Bobo


    Månad sedan

    I want someone to compile all of these sup sups into one big SUP SUP. probably blow up the galaxy lol

  36. puma21puma21


    Månad sedan

    Didn't expect T1's mid lane challenge to end up with him as an Annie main.

  37. GG Eventus

    GG Eventus

    Månad sedan

    tyler1 : *breathes* also tyler1 : "THAT'S BIG T!!!!111!11!!"

  38. Tan Ming Wei

    Tan Ming Wei

    Månad sedan

    Whats the song at 54:47?

  39. João Brito

    João Brito

    Månad sedan

    Ziggs nerfs are terrible. If they want to nerf him botlane they need to nerf the Q and they need to make the W execution scale with ziggs’ level, which hurts him Botlane cuz he gets less exp. he shouldn’t execute a tower at 25% with a rank 1 W and his waveclear is obviously too much

  40. sp0pie


    Månad sedan

    how much longer till we see "what is do are be back at it again SUP SUP" at the beginning of the patch notes

  41. Ricky


    Månad sedan

    tells macailya to stop listening to Ls and playing Annie, also starts spamming Annie. T1 truly built in an extraordinary manner

  42. Andrew Byrnes

    Andrew Byrnes

    Månad sedan

    Cant believe tibbers lost that fuck I had like $100 on that

  43. Ag


    Månad sedan

    i love the merch jokes

  44. Jürgen Vaher

    Jürgen Vaher

    Månad sedan

    42:51 How has noone mentionen how Nautilus just walked out of the j4 Ult??

  45. Criss Carreon

    Criss Carreon

    Månad sedan

    " Nobody's playing this game with friends anymore bro " accurate.

  46. Material Burst

    Material Burst

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  47. Seth Thoj

    Seth Thoj

    Månad sedan

    We’ll getting flank bro it’s a 4v4 😂

  48. Dennis Tang

    Dennis Tang

    Månad sedan

    why do people always flash r instead of q then r?

  49. JumpVelocity


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  50. Barney Sunn

    Barney Sunn

    Månad sedan

    the SUP SUP this time hit different, went hard af

  51. NashTheGamer


    Månad sedan


  52. EldarCorruption


    Månad sedan

    Is annie the flavour of the month at the momento ?

  53. Alex Hutt

    Alex Hutt

    Månad sedan

    Jungle most entertaining role

  54. Shibuya Japan

    Shibuya Japan

    Månad sedan


  55. Mr. Marciniak

    Mr. Marciniak

    Månad sedan

    T1 is such a problem he gives us viewers with actual problems a home to go to

  56. Ray


    Månad sedan

    Honestly no exaggeration but T1 is actually good at this game

  57. Bill Nye

    Bill Nye

    Månad sedan

    Can you for once not make the first second into your video you screaming or playing loud music??

  58. Alex Giles

    Alex Giles

    Månad sedan

    I had work😞

  59. Jonathan pajuelo

    Jonathan pajuelo

    Månad sedan

    Que buen vídeo, saludós desde Perú

  60. 5c aretha

    5c aretha

    Månad sedan


  61. Blake Silvaggio

    Blake Silvaggio

    Månad sedan

    I love Tyler's energy, so dope!

  62. freekenzeeken


    Månad sedan

    Tyler1 is truly built different, he's already better than nightblue3

  63. Petty Pastor

    Petty Pastor

    Månad sedan

    Tyler can cosplay as Tibbers and his niece be Annie

  64. DinoHat


    Månad sedan

    either mid is easy or t1 is the best. the latter is factual but i believe both

  65. rizu


    Månad sedan

    1hr this is a fucking movie.

  66. Dark Tranquillity

    Dark Tranquillity

    Månad sedan


  67. I like the numbers 16 and 17

    I like the numbers 16 and 17

    Månad sedan

    I have never seen a woman

  68. 10Q


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  69. Dasani p.w.

    Dasani p.w.

    Månad sedan

    Why can’t Stevie wonder read

  70. Blake Bailey

    Blake Bailey

    Månad sedan

    I like how Tyler says "it's LS, just do the opposite of what he says and you'll be good" yet he's spamming LS's most common recommended pick, annie. Lol

    • Blake Bailey

      Blake Bailey

      Månad sedan

      @NisenziART me? If so, care to explain? Or does it just make you feel smart to insult other people's iq?

    • NisenziART


      Månad sedan

      What you just typed shows youre iq is under 80 or equal

    • Paragon


      Månad sedan

      Dont listen to platinum players

  71. aaron


    Månad sedan


  72. Kuroi Masuku

    Kuroi Masuku

    Månad sedan

    did you know swag was invented in the 60's as a way for gay men to secretly tell other men they were gay.

  73. Nikita Grishin

    Nikita Grishin

    Månad sedan

    Every day is a cardio day when you watch t1

  74. Piffmaister


    Månad sedan

    I enjoy 99% of the content but no idea why you upload a game where you are running it down and asking for open mid 2 minutes into the game. Really hate the disgusting ''lets surrender''

  75. David Shiels

    David Shiels

    Månad sedan

    The best Irelia player in the WORLD

  76. ELS


    Månad sedan

    Shaco skin incoming

  77. Martin Gajardo Lizama

    Martin Gajardo Lizama

    Månad sedan

    What's the name of the song on the intro?!?

  78. Mmoogl


    Månad sedan

    I've never been raped so badly in my life, during a youtube intro

  79. Andoy Doy

    Andoy Doy

    Månad sedan

    Jesus Loves all of you guys

  80. Pamela A

    Pamela A

    Månad sedan

    I love how they both did it at the same time 43:26

  81. isamuu


    Månad sedan

    The green giant…

  82. lil valko

    lil valko

    Månad sedan

    goon swag

  83. Estel


    Månad sedan

    Friends stopped playing the game when season six happened, well like a little bit after (when solo duo was released)

  84. Gatito Pendejo

    Gatito Pendejo

    Månad sedan

    Wild rift!

  85. Brian Burns

    Brian Burns

    Månad sedan


  86. Eric Diaz

    Eric Diaz

    Månad sedan

    From the beginning of the stream till the end I seen the best game play congrats men

  87. 123DJ321


    Månad sedan


  88. wetnoodlex


    Månad sedan

    "I'm a problem, and I mean it when I say that. Physically, mechanically, mentally--I have problems--I'm a problem. Right. And you can't solve this one, bro." This is why we watch.

  89. Ryan Brandsen

    Ryan Brandsen

    Månad sedan

    Tyler not queuing his stun up all the way or partially before a fight hurts my soul as an Annie player

    • Ryan Brandsen

      Ryan Brandsen

      Månad sedan

      @????????? he literally would’ve killed that ashe bot lane if he used e one more time coming down there

    • ?????????


      Månad sedan


  90. Kristy Kristy

    Kristy Kristy

    Månad sedan

    ZombieORange very good player mhmmm

  91. Winterspace


    Månad sedan

    adc’s play like cowards cause they can get 1 shot by the 2/6/15 enemy support bard.

  92. MagicMika


    Månad sedan

    actually almost killed me when i turned on the vid with full volume on...

  93. Tyson B-P

    Tyson B-P

    Månad sedan

    I see he is trying to grow the Draven Beard

  94. TheNineDivides


    Månad sedan

    39:10 booba

  95. Ukko


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  96. L.M. Gaming

    L.M. Gaming

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  97. Mike Kim

    Mike Kim

    Månad sedan

    Idk yuumi players xd

  98. ancard


    Månad sedan

    And after support challenge is done he will attempt the hardest challenge yet - the autofill to challenger challenge edit: oh, i forgot that he's done the jungle challenge, sorry, it's basically the same thing

  99. Swagtizzle


    Månad sedan

    dabbing is sawg i see u t1

  100. Roland Kovacs

    Roland Kovacs

    Månad sedan

    Funny how he thinks the game is dying when it has one of the biggest player count ever 😄😂