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00:00 intro
08:31 ashkan champ reveal
12:14 new league cinematic
17:51 rank poll
21:27 ekko mid
31:58 outro

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  1. blackpinkaeon


    Dag sedan

    hehe xd

  2. Subomi Taiwo

    Subomi Taiwo

    7 dagar sedan

    Trrrrrre trrrrre tre

  3. Fed7


    11 dagar sedan

    You're life is worse playing a dead game btw change your name to be soon to be dead dwarf.

  4. paulcon10


    13 dagar sedan

    We is are be back

  5. Will To Win

    Will To Win

    13 dagar sedan

    Why can't Pants are Dragon make high elo climbs like you? He's retired into a zwag/solorenektononly rut where he plays norms in silver/gold elo.

  6. viniciusp


    15 dagar sedan

    Skip syndra yo that's a l right there

  7. James Goodwin

    James Goodwin

    15 dagar sedan

    Carried by Janna god KEKW

  8. Lee Xin

    Lee Xin

    15 dagar sedan

    2 bans for 1 player.

  9. Lee Xin

    Lee Xin

    15 dagar sedan

    Spider man

  10. pkrent


    15 dagar sedan

    Chinese company loves black champions

  11. I sto yo bike

    I sto yo bike

    16 dagar sedan


  12. CL1P3XX


    16 dagar sedan

    "He is a lit of a prooblemm"

  13. Ian Erb

    Ian Erb

    16 dagar sedan

    new event and history = new champ Riot pls you re shit

  14. Man San Lam

    Man San Lam

    16 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  15. Ognjen Bozic

    Ognjen Bozic

    16 dagar sedan

    hehe xd

  16. David Plont

    David Plont

    16 dagar sedan

    The whole enemy team uninstalled

  17. David Plont

    David Plont

    16 dagar sedan

    He reminds me of ivar the boneless.

  18. Bush Terrel

    Bush Terrel

    17 dagar sedan

    Thank the gods 🙏🏾 wait what 😳 lol

  19. WvWladimir


    17 dagar sedan

    Tyler be like: is league dying so they merge with overwatch Me listening to him like: bruh, overwatch fcking dead bro xD

  20. Jonathan Lamp

    Jonathan Lamp

    17 dagar sedan

    Just subbed now I’ll be big like you

  21. Black Jesus

    Black Jesus

    17 dagar sedan

    Disliked cause iphone. Gross, you're built the same as every 15 year old girl. Gottem

  22. Ralvin3


    17 dagar sedan

    Hairline receding 👀👀

  23. Add 852

    Add 852

    17 dagar sedan

    tyler: your lives are pathetic chat: true

  24. Lille Kjøttmeis3

    Lille Kjøttmeis3

    17 dagar sedan

    I’d 1v1 this guy with ekko blindfolded

  25. Hanke Chen

    Hanke Chen

    17 dagar sedan

    SE-oner with the best intro and outro. Change my mind

  26. KO92


    17 dagar sedan

    I would beat this guy 1 v 1 anytime

  27. Yonne


    17 dagar sedan

    Everyone spamming kekw in the chat when he literally just started, so cringe.

  28. TimOrnn


    17 dagar sedan

    lmao i played with that diana b4

  29. V1G1LANTE K9

    V1G1LANTE K9

    17 dagar sedan

    League is actually still growing and massive but theres been a massive trasnfer of player population. like 90% of players are gold or less. its a bunch of casuals now. like half of the high caliber player base has said fuck this game and left now its a bunch of nobodies and people are caring less and less about pro league in the west. (still massive in the eastern countries) but Western players have moved on to new and better games. SO TLDR league isnt dead its just quieter and most players are new or casuals that dont make much noise in socials or media platforms about it anymore

  30. Ozymandias


    17 dagar sedan


  31. Viktor Karlsson

    Viktor Karlsson

    17 dagar sedan

    65 as in 65 inches tall

  32. Jonathan Ly

    Jonathan Ly

    17 dagar sedan


  33. Sunnewer Toolow

    Sunnewer Toolow

    17 dagar sedan

    T, if you wanna do something on Kassa, try Conquerer. Feels good healing for that insane lategame damage and you get to stack some more AP in early fights.

  34. Jamie Harding

    Jamie Harding

    17 dagar sedan

    when is ge gonna get a proper mic?

  35. Richmon Cahilig

    Richmon Cahilig

    17 dagar sedan

    Go idol

  36. Hyroto


    17 dagar sedan

    Love that NA is actually down 1-2 divisions to the other regions

  37. Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim V.

    Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim V.

    17 dagar sedan

    I’m still using my iPhone 6 too 😂 _gotta love that aux port_

  38. Alex Magbag

    Alex Magbag

    17 dagar sedan


  39. Владислав Кажика

    Владислав Кажика

    17 dagar sedan

    Were is support challenge ×D i m kidding . I believe in you

  40. MountainJew


    18 dagar sedan

    what playlist does BIG T use nowadays

  41. Raymond Huynh

    Raymond Huynh

    18 dagar sedan

    The willing laborer demographically scream because ostrich cranially nod below a subdued sagittarius. cut, cluttered crayon

  42. QiYOnE


    18 dagar sedan

    T1 will be the only person to ever be challenger on every single role...

  43. TrapKing Productions

    TrapKing Productions

    18 dagar sedan

    He played league with hawaii ping. I can tell you that Didn’t go well. Come to kauai if you want an ACTUAL vacation.

  44. Thomas Casto

    Thomas Casto

    18 dagar sedan

    We need more bans. Every champ they release is broke. Also it’s funny it takes 3 adcs to kill a bruiser even in the cinematic

  45. Ushijima Wakatoshi

    Ushijima Wakatoshi

    18 dagar sedan

    Lovely people of the comments, does anybody have any recommendations for streamers and youtubers to watch for League of Legends, just picked up the game and skillcap is the most annoying SE-one channel already so it would be very helpful if anybody could drop some usernames in these replies.

  46. Akhil Ramalingam

    Akhil Ramalingam

    18 dagar sedan

    report Mammothman65 for smurfing. Or make it so low Leo players can ruin challenger games

  47. KingOF Spades

    KingOF Spades

    18 dagar sedan

    Bruhh his hair😂😂😂😂

  48. Sad Machine

    Sad Machine

    18 dagar sedan

    Hyped to see another series so soon

  49. Bob Phung

    Bob Phung

    18 dagar sedan

    I would love to see t1 play zed

  50. B-ryce


    18 dagar sedan

    How the fuck did he get to silver so fast

  51. Ray Gaming

    Ray Gaming

    18 dagar sedan

    34:24 Foreshadowing...

  52. MrShoter


    18 dagar sedan

    Lol, he bought an iPhone xD

  53. Grotesque


    18 dagar sedan

    Please don’t end up spamming heimer mid

  54. dream


    18 dagar sedan

    Tyler > Faker

  55. Micahl Barber

    Micahl Barber

    18 dagar sedan

    More like Bayonetta then Tracer

  56. joshua


    18 dagar sedan

    be alpha and retire your mother

  57. Ekkho Hendrick

    Ekkho Hendrick

    18 dagar sedan

    I took a trip to idaho and I started to watch those movie recaps, they are really good! I was helping my brother move into his apartment...It was on the 3rd floor and there was ONLY stairs and I was carrying HEAVY stuff, im exausted

  58. Shlopler


    18 dagar sedan


  59. Dot Exe

    Dot Exe

    18 dagar sedan

    Iphone 6 was actually the best one

  60. MircoDHD


    18 dagar sedan

    Ngl, I said tracer all along. Maybe you can find comments on some videos. Idk which one, maybe Ioki, the cinematic or Hi I'm coconut.

  61. Kamen 55

    Kamen 55

    18 dagar sedan

    16:27 when the fuck did vayne get her hair cut

    • Amanda Jones

      Amanda Jones

      18 dagar sedan


  62. Marco González

    Marco González

    18 dagar sedan

    could anyone put the link to that clip of t watching josedeodo fail his blue buff? 🗿

  63. Tripa LMS

    Tripa LMS

    18 dagar sedan

    Big T the apple symbol on the back of your phone can be used as a home button SE-one it and it will show you how

  64. Nick


    18 dagar sedan

    Can someone explain to me how Tyler1 ended up on the other side of the wall at 24:55 ?

    • Labeeb


      16 dagar sedan

      Ekko's E followed Xayah's flash

  65. Josh Ladin

    Josh Ladin

    18 dagar sedan

    Fr story recaps are entertaining af

  66. Sp3RonKoa


    18 dagar sedan

    Vayne looks so good without her glasses

  67. TheCatalyst47


    18 dagar sedan

    Nooooo! He said he’s never playing Viktor! 😭 my main champ! Lol

  68. dennis fot

    dennis fot

    18 dagar sedan

    It's OK t I love movie recap 2. It's for 5headz only

  69. Degen


    18 dagar sedan

    is it ashkan or akshan???

  70. Will Major

    Will Major

    18 dagar sedan

    Okay okay okay zed

  71. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    18 dagar sedan


  72. Balisong Boi

    Balisong Boi

    18 dagar sedan

    t1s gameplay might make us vomit but his content makes us smile

  73. Carl


    18 dagar sedan

    wealthy people being cheap is like a disease, sweating about inconsequential bullshit makes no sense

  74. Adrian lol

    Adrian lol

    18 dagar sedan

    Tyler made it to silver one in ten games when it took me nearly 200 games 💀

  75. SilviX


    18 dagar sedan

    t1 really went for nashor on ekko

  76. Akoy Sakohira

    Akoy Sakohira

    18 dagar sedan

    hehe algorythem go BRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  77. Fung Bungo

    Fung Bungo

    18 dagar sedan

    Lmao thought it was just me watching Story Recapped

  78. Embry A.

    Embry A.

    18 dagar sedan

    3 role "challenger" going 9-6 on a new account

  79. SSJB Mahmoud

    SSJB Mahmoud

    18 dagar sedan

    hehe xD

  80. Haden Findling

    Haden Findling

    18 dagar sedan


  81. Snowstorm567


    18 dagar sedan

    Please try one Lux game! ✨

  82. Gino Ciavone

    Gino Ciavone

    18 dagar sedan

    Tell me why Tyler looks and acts exactly like Elliott Hulse

  83. nick braam

    nick braam

    18 dagar sedan

    23:10 extending double buffs is pretty good.

  84. Gillanator


    18 dagar sedan

    rip headphone users from 0:00-36:23

  85. The silent man is the most dangerous

    The silent man is the most dangerous

    18 dagar sedan

    This season he will end up master



    18 dagar sedan

    Blindly hoping he picks up taliyah, knowing that it probably won’t ever happen lol. “Taliyah, no” OOF

  87. Kevin Ferreira

    Kevin Ferreira

    19 dagar sedan

    actually surprised he knew what ekko abilities do

  88. SilviX


    19 dagar sedan

    i missed tt starting a lane challenge

  89. Gabriel Pinatecaballero

    Gabriel Pinatecaballero

    19 dagar sedan

    Story recap is the shit

  90. 111paolo2


    19 dagar sedan

    I can't be the only one that waves back at T at the end

  91. A wild Udyr

    A wild Udyr

    19 dagar sedan

    Should have named the account Manmothman for extra testosterone

  92. Selection


    19 dagar sedan

    Phones not having home buttons is the dumbest shit ever. Chat calling him a boomer for it shows chats age.

  93. Alejandro Granzella

    Alejandro Granzella

    19 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who think that Akshan is literaly Yasso?

  94. forsenE


    19 dagar sedan

    Video starts at 21:50

  95. LockeSoriku


    19 dagar sedan

    Holy shit, half the video is not playing mid.

  96. Adi Amsyar

    Adi Amsyar

    19 dagar sedan


  97. Charlie Scene

    Charlie Scene

    19 dagar sedan

    Holy Shit T1 actually sucks at such an easy Champ like Ekko

  98. William Daniel

    William Daniel

    19 dagar sedan

    this man... the ego is too massive..

  99. tyrantxreborn


    19 dagar sedan

    Seen an article about you on google news! Lol

  100. Stephen Fang

    Stephen Fang

    19 dagar sedan

    ayye welcome back