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00:00 intro (long)
12:29 annie mid
20:25 irelia mid
28:40 outro

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  1. Matt Ramsey

    Matt Ramsey

    13 dagar sedan

    I heard when Tyler goes to lift, the weights get stronger. Now that’s a problem.

  2. Aleksander Dudek

    Aleksander Dudek

    14 dagar sedan

    Irelia is broken

  3. zsmilex3


    16 dagar sedan

    Tyler has some hair

  4. players hub

    players hub

    17 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or his voice doesn't match his physique

  5. Louhym Labe

    Louhym Labe

    18 dagar sedan

    He had a week, a week ago.

  6. bananplayss _

    bananplayss _

    21 dag sedan

    hehe xd

  7. Le Comédien

    Le Comédien

    23 dagar sedan

    A real gay game for children

  8. Benjamin Richard

    Benjamin Richard

    24 dagar sedan

    Tyler so nice! Thank you Big T!

  9. Thisal Atukorale

    Thisal Atukorale

    25 dagar sedan

    Ur a 15 Yr old mn idk what else to say 😂😂

  10. TheOnlyMayor


    25 dagar sedan

    what, since when did tyler play irelia?

  11. Methodman344


    26 dagar sedan

    Once this man said he sat in the back seat I lost my shit 💀💀

  12. Patrick Dolan

    Patrick Dolan

    27 dagar sedan

    I don't usually watch tyler1 videos' , but you got to respect "Big T" . I think once he passes Nightblue3: then completes support challenge. (Which he will probably complete super quick. ), He will offically be the best NA Player!

  13. Nam Nam1123

    Nam Nam1123

    27 dagar sedan




    28 dagar sedan

    Man your Vids are Very Crazy XD

  15. Sweaty Samurai

    Sweaty Samurai

    28 dagar sedan

    Does anyone actually watch his intros?

  16. Axeman from New Orleans

    Axeman from New Orleans

    29 dagar sedan

    oh this guy is still streaming

  17. bobux economist

    bobux economist

    29 dagar sedan


  18. Abdililah


    29 dagar sedan

    I love when you say i run the server

  19. Caleb Shelton

    Caleb Shelton

    29 dagar sedan

    This is the best intro in a while and I love the intros

  20. Noran


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  21. BakedPotatoYT


    Månad sedan

    Imagine if Irelia's W gets cancelled when she gets knocked up.

  22. SixStringMental


    Månad sedan

    You're better to watch on mute.

  23. BigHarv


    Månad sedan

    Tyler capping about the fair the real reason was he had a bit of a problem reaching the allowed to ride height

  24. The Only Official SkyHighTM YouTube Channel

    The Only Official SkyHighTM YouTube Channel

    Månad sedan

    He is number 2 now lol

  25. We are Smurf

    We are Smurf

    Månad sedan

    Tyler 1 more like khaby 1

  26. Kubuśiak


    Månad sedan

    15:12 .10/10

  27. Ricardo Auerbach

    Ricardo Auerbach

    Månad sedan

    Irelia mid = Irelia MID

  28. Behtan Hashemzadeh

    Behtan Hashemzadeh

    Månad sedan

    Tyler1 and Asmongold are the two best. There’s a reason they’re so popular and both seem like genuine guys. You can tell they believe in themselves while also staying true to themselves. We need to see Asmongold on the rift getting carried by Tyler. I would also do Tyler with Asmongold on wow but due to cubicle crawls after terrible game design the MMO community is playing FF14 which is the better game. Plus Asmongold is fairly new to FF but I’d def still watch. “I’m sitting in the backseat where I sit because it’s completely common”-Tyler1 Might get that quote tattooed right beside We be back and What’s up y’all it’s your boy.

  29. Pierson Bolick

    Pierson Bolick

    Månad sedan

    psyops sameria is kayla

  30. Harrison Hall

    Harrison Hall

    Månad sedan

    "Your peak is my piss-hole where I take shits, kid." Truly shits different.

  31. Jake Hill

    Jake Hill

    Månad sedan

    I literally just choked on my food from laughing so hard at 21:07 🤣🤣🤣

  32. oreo


    Månad sedan

    lol holiday cant relate :( we are in lockdown in australia cos our govt fucked us over

  33. The Fostered

    The Fostered

    Månad sedan

    "20 bill dollar on the table. White piece of paper. Yellow. 😐" Shit got me so weak for no reason. BEST INTROS IN THE GAME 🤣

  34. Arman


    Månad sedan

    Wait this is a League video?

  35. Bababuu


    Månad sedan


  36. chris hill

    chris hill

    Månad sedan

    why doesnt he say a squad we out at the end anymore?

  37. Dave's Gaming

    Dave's Gaming

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  38. Xanyo11


    Månad sedan

    Funniest story lmao

  39. AW W

    AW W

    Månad sedan

    I watch don't these vids more than any only for the stories XD

  40. Sorin Kys

    Sorin Kys

    Månad sedan

    no hate or anything but your irelia is okay but not that good

  41. Dakota Heeren

    Dakota Heeren

    Månad sedan

    Assembled by an alternate set of actions compared to the standard.

  42. Ben Rivas

    Ben Rivas

    Månad sedan

    The officer probably thought she was your uber driver or something

  43. amw1505


    Månad sedan

    T1 and Turkey legs :)

  44. Elijah


    Månad sedan


  45. Dan Mayer

    Dan Mayer

    Månad sedan

    30:13 Minischap1 did well again :D

  46. Don L

    Don L

    Månad sedan

    I legit watch these yt vids every night before going to sleep and bro this ain't good, during the weekends when he doesn't stream I can't even sleep :0 now that my man going on vaycay I'm doomed

  47. Apostolos Apostolou

    Apostolos Apostolou

    Månad sedan

    Tou are to loud

  48. Must Execute

    Must Execute

    Månad sedan

    "oh my god....make my day" XDDD

  49. ColaCocaMan


    Månad sedan

    T don’t take heavy singles that short apart you’ll fry your CNS god bless

  50. JonLee


    Månad sedan

    Tylers story had me in tears of laughter xD

  51. theviewdownhere


    Månad sedan

    Girlfriend gets pulled over Tyler: "AAAAAAY LET'S GOOOOO, PO PO FTW"

  52. Big Neuton

    Big Neuton

    Månad sedan

    Is it me or is his voice getting higher each day? Low T?

  53. Sal J.

    Sal J.

    Månad sedan

    18:52 Karma literally ceased to exist

  54. Nine's Own Goal

    Nine's Own Goal

    Månad sedan

    Tyler is getting stronger too fast, it's as if he's different from others or like a different breed.

  55. James H.

    James H.

    Månad sedan

    Member Stevie wonder me neither 🤫

  56. MotherOfUnicorns


    Månad sedan

    Is this fair Santa-Cali-Gon?

  57. Ricardo


    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  58. Soandso27


    Månad sedan

    The intros are so good I sometimes I forgot there's gameplay afterwards

  59. Conrad Sander

    Conrad Sander

    Månad sedan

    Seen better irelia skills in bronze

  60. Luis Alejandro Correa Orellana

    Luis Alejandro Correa Orellana

    Månad sedan

    Best intro ever

  61. Dan96


    Månad sedan

    Look at this guy, hardstuck in master

  62. spidermanditieu


    Månad sedan

    u fukin 'dodge sis'

  63. ItsBrayan


    Månad sedan

    Tyler is the God of this Planet he looks better than Vin Diseal and is the GOAT of Gaming History

  64. Ricco_g


    Månad sedan

    "Kanye Trashwest" Tyler really dont miss...

  65. Aaron Decloux

    Aaron Decloux

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  66. Duckfowl


    Månad sedan

    Tyler has ascended to the point where he backseat games IRL.

  67. Aleks Nordstrand

    Aleks Nordstrand

    Månad sedan

    Kanye the goat watch urself TT

  68. virley session

    virley session

    Månad sedan

    Best intro I’ve seen😂 IM DYING!!

  69. Nisitha Madhawa

    Nisitha Madhawa

    Månad sedan

    That Yasuo game was terrible and says its all T1 after get hard carried by team 🤣 classic T1 😂

  70. The Maximus

    The Maximus

    Månad sedan

    I just imagine, some old dude being washed by a nurse whilst brokenly yelling ‘I’m big T!’ My mans a myth but that picture just cracks me up every time

  71. Sergio


    Månad sedan


  72. Lucas Lavaux

    Lucas Lavaux

    Månad sedan

    The cop probably thought Macaila was a hostage at first with T in the back lmao

  73. Obitos Light

    Obitos Light

    Månad sedan

    Almost as good as the story when he fought three mil ninjas from the hidden leave, without breaking a sweat and as a warm up before he started lifting at the gym.

  74. Sans


    Månad sedan

    what song is at 22:14? pls help

  75. Jolance Tuazon

    Jolance Tuazon

    Månad sedan

    the intro story was funny af xd

  76. Andrew Byrnes

    Andrew Byrnes

    Månad sedan

    I remember when I was in school we had a cop come in to talk to us about road rules and stuff. I still remember what he told me: “our general rule is you won’t get pulled over if you’re doing less than the speed limit+10% plus another 3km/h.” So if you’re in a 60, that’s 69, that’s 113 in a 100 zone. I’ve stuck to that my whole life (been driving since I was 16 and I’m 29 now) and I’ve never had a speeding ticket. Sometimes I’ll go quicker than that but it’s about being smart with it. You don’t go flying around 100% of the time like 20 over the speed limit or you’re finna get fined

  77. Toni


    Månad sedan

    Wtf is Tyler turning himself into Eric Andre?

  78. NotKitanax827


    Månad sedan

    Love the long stories

  79. Drako Drenn

    Drako Drenn

    Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  80. Milunnn


    Månad sedan

    23:54 nice flash of hope MAN :)

  81. ma b

    ma b

    Månad sedan

    Weak vid ngl

  82. David Lamont

    David Lamont

    Månad sedan


  83. Bryan A

    Bryan A

    Månad sedan

    Istg all high elo Darius players are degenerates and don't know how to play the champ. Disgusting.

  84. Yéllow Yéllow

    Yéllow Yéllow

    Månad sedan

    Am i the only one who misses alpha male melvin:(

  85. Milan Thakkar

    Milan Thakkar

    Månad sedan

    He could be an amazing standup comedian

  86. SkateDieTomate !

    SkateDieTomate !

    Månad sedan

    Poor tyler.... 3 more deaths and he would carry with yasuo

  87. SadBanana


    Månad sedan

    That lee was kinda cracked tho, for NA

  88. Jacksonsmalls B

    Jacksonsmalls B

    Månad sedan

    Love story time

  89. Jacob97_


    Månad sedan

    Would ya look at the time we do is are be back 20 dollar bill on the counter white piece of paper yellow what it does do SUP SUP

  90. LifenKnight 6732

    LifenKnight 6732

    Månad sedan


  91. vMxde


    Månad sedan

    alpha irelia fr

  92. VortiRio 23

    VortiRio 23

    Månad sedan

    I think Tyler would have more viewers if he didnt stream only lol, what a amazing man.

  93. Ancient Water

    Ancient Water

    Månad sedan

    much love

  94. Owentjes


    Månad sedan

    Intro... loooong

  95. 123DJ321


    Månad sedan

    When I noticed the intro was 10 minutes long I got excited the intros are truly the most entertaining part Edit: yep, intro was a banger

  96. moyashh


    Månad sedan

    This is the best intro storytime ever no cap got me crying 💀💀

  97. Max der krasse

    Max der krasse

    Månad sedan


  98. Azumane Miller

    Azumane Miller

    Månad sedan

    makes the intro a 1/3 of the vid because hes running out of content, mans is speed running 5 role challenger too fast



    Månad sedan

    Good Game in your Home, bro 💪👑

  100. belgianstuff


    Månad sedan

    Anything illegal in the car? "Yea me, I'm a problem"