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  1. Matthew Mercado

    Matthew Mercado

    4 timmar sedan

    Why do I feel like Tyler will go back to master to lose lp in order to make more content in mid challenge

  2. wax


    4 timmar sedan

    I’m a simple man. I see heimerdinger in the thumbnail, I click instantly

  3. C Jones

    C Jones

    4 timmar sedan


  4. pp001VRSVONE ด่านขุนทด

    pp001VRSVONE ด่านขุนทด

    4 timmar sedan


  5. The Fostered

    The Fostered

    4 timmar sedan

    The bidet story 😂

  6. Larry Nguyen

    Larry Nguyen

    4 timmar sedan

    Just a reminder @Riot lets Tyler gain money for flaming people on their game while everyone else gets banned even tho they flame the truth, but Tyler gets to defy those rules, what a shitty Gaming company

  7. Jukey


    4 timmar sedan

    still refuse to watch the annie games. noob champ.

  8. Brandon Keith

    Brandon Keith

    4 timmar sedan

    This guy is actually on a different LOL wtf..

  9. Rain


    4 timmar sedan

    Damn.. so Bidet is uncommon for Americans? I finally get why they were so desperate for tissue papers the first year of the pandemic LMAO. But still, though this might be biased having grown up using Bidet, isn't it much better than just wiping your butt? I mean, shouldn't it still smell like crap in there till you bath x(

  10. lol die

    lol die

    4 timmar sedan

    ... well that did not take long.

  11. Heartbeach


    4 timmar sedan


  12. J K

    J K

    4 timmar sedan

    very cool you are doing nicely

  13. mohamed Rh

    mohamed Rh

    5 timmar sedan


  14. RGSNate


    5 timmar sedan

    I thought he must have paypaled meteos to throw half way through that annie game until I saw that baron steal.

  15. HAI HO

    HAI HO

    5 timmar sedan


  16. DDoggyFly


    6 timmar sedan

    i love your videos man :)

  17. Studio Yunus

    Studio Yunus

    6 timmar sedan

    hey tyler have you ever played roblox?

  18. Nic H

    Nic H

    6 timmar sedan

    T1, Riot should be paying you to play this game

  19. MSN PROD


    6 timmar sedan

    amumu be like : im stupid and i know it

  20. Emm


    7 timmar sedan

    Tried the Ios 15 update with the sound level and The whole video averages at least 90db. Just comes to show that t1 is genetically unique

  21. ItsMorgP


    7 timmar sedan


  22. Crust


    7 timmar sedan

    It's at this point, after watching Tyler1's videos, I can assume that he is on some sort of upper. This dude literally looks and acts like he's on some high quality molly. For real, lmao.

  23. Breaking Ground

    Breaking Ground

    7 timmar sedan

    Nice Tyler, nice . . .

  24. Jaden Sayers

    Jaden Sayers

    7 timmar sedan

    wassup Tyler I'm new

  25. issi


    7 timmar sedan


  26. Stary Harry

    Stary Harry

    7 timmar sedan

    0:50 Basically the story of my last relationship

  27. ΟΟ jendi

    ΟΟ jendi

    7 timmar sedan

    0:58 thats why u r stll with mckayla? Lul

  28. Ismael


    7 timmar sedan


  29. Laurynas Andriuska

    Laurynas Andriuska

    7 timmar sedan

    Can anyone explane me how this is chalanger rank games? I mean.. It looks like its gold..

  30. Mathieu Raquepas

    Mathieu Raquepas

    8 timmar sedan

    Funny how T is like 200x more buff than me but complains about ripping out flooring 😂 that's like an easy day at my job lmao and i'm so unfit

  31. Rain In July

    Rain In July

    8 timmar sedan

    Supp is gonna be hard, bronze and silver don't know how to use a supports help.

  32. Lutte


    8 timmar sedan

    After Support challenge he should do a fill to challenger challenge as a way of putting everything together

  33. kent cairy

    kent cairy

    8 timmar sedan

    U already know that was a set girl on rolee

  34. nesfan8


    8 timmar sedan

    Only man who can stream 10 hours for +5lp. Truly build different

  35. M Filippov

    M Filippov

    8 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  36. MrMacbit


    9 timmar sedan

    If riot were to ban T1 again I would uninstall league and boycott like a fanboy lul. Imo tyler does keep league alive 😅.

  37. Aro


    9 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  38. jahN


    9 timmar sedan

    someone was watching this during class half volume and the teacher watched with him

  39. Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    Salvador Pampulim de Carvalho

    9 timmar sedan


  40. Aythaniel


    9 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  41. Sven Bängberg

    Sven Bängberg

    9 timmar sedan


  42. Koalafacations


    9 timmar sedan


  43. Albert Wang

    Albert Wang

    9 timmar sedan

    I just noticed it is the same enemy toplaner that tried to carry his team in the first 2 games lol.

  44. GuessWho?


    9 timmar sedan




    9 timmar sedan

    Tyler1 play like a king 👑💪🍕

  46. Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow

    9 timmar sedan

    There is no fucking way these people are grandmaster. I fucking play better than them and I'm fucking bronze

    • TZ


      4 timmar sedan

      Na server

  47. ONI


    10 timmar sedan

    How many games has he played on mid to challenger series?

  48. Armando G

    Armando G

    10 timmar sedan

    Serpent Fang OD.

  49. Reynolds Langstaff

    Reynolds Langstaff

    10 timmar sedan

    Absolutely no shot that amumu and mf were grandmaster. Neither hit an ult or more than 1 person.

  50. Griff


    10 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  51. Theonetru Chubster

    Theonetru Chubster

    10 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  52. Pablo Perez

    Pablo Perez

    10 timmar sedan

    im hardstuck gm and this is not gm dude this is sfucking silver 3 gameplay or something

  53. Leo


    10 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  54. D


    10 timmar sedan

    Tyler is a gaymer!

  55. alepp


    10 timmar sedan


  56. SirMatic


    10 timmar sedan

    When Tyler eventually starts his support challenge, what champs do you guys think he'll play? Because I highly doubt he'll play something that'll rely too much on team

    • Light of the Seven

      Light of the Seven

      8 timmar sedan


  57. Jack Fecht

    Jack Fecht

    10 timmar sedan

    Genuinely impressed of the value he got off of fang on ANNIE. Actually the better player

  58. ahoi meboy

    ahoi meboy

    10 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  59. Len. Vtn

    Len. Vtn

    10 timmar sedan

    RIP all Jett mains :(

  60. Hash 54

    Hash 54

    10 timmar sedan

    on behalf of the loltyler1 community, never censor him or what he says ever again, thanks :)

  61. Milkmaster


    10 timmar sedan

    To me Amumu was literally trying to wintrade by pressing R like a silver4

  62. TimOrnn


    10 timmar sedan

    I feel like t1s yin and yang life style of working out then proceeding to play 20 hours of league straight is the key to his uniquely constructed physique

  63. Tyler Davis

    Tyler Davis

    10 timmar sedan

    This is still irelias last played game, maybe rito actually did the right thing

  64. SixStringMental


    11 timmar sedan

    you don't sail that boat? you don't like having a clean ass? lmao weirdo.

  65. Half Insane Outdoor Guy

    Half Insane Outdoor Guy

    11 timmar sedan

    Neither MF or amumu landed any meaningful Rs....not a damn one.

  66. Arch


    11 timmar sedan

    T1 spitting facts about the shitty champion that I ban every game "Sett"

  67. Veniulem


    11 timmar sedan

    his mid account is almost the same level as my main that ive had for 5 years

  68. Joseph


    11 timmar sedan

    32:50 He said the word "quatama". Can anyone explain to me what is it ? Already trd to google it to try and and find the meaning of it but to no avail. Please let me know what it means sounds cool as fuq ! xD

  69. l3ravoVids


    11 timmar sedan

    Not gonna lie Tyler did some things with heimer in this video that straight up dropped my jaw

  70. fnf rul

    fnf rul

    11 timmar sedan

    Hi a suscrib me okey seeyou late

  71. wetnoodlex


    11 timmar sedan

    hilarious that people try to use bald as an insult, bro he shaves his head and he's not even balding kekw

  72. Robert PlayG

    Robert PlayG

    11 timmar sedan

    We LOVE u<3

  73. Michalis M

    Michalis M

    11 timmar sedan


  74. PotatoGodzilla


    11 timmar sedan

    the highlight of yesterdays stream was when Tyler accepted he is going to get carried to Win and called the guy "Daddy". I cried I love you Tyler *Copeler1*

    • Wu Zi Mu

      Wu Zi Mu

      5 timmar sedan

      truly built unconventionally

    • Timothy Shal

      Timothy Shal

      6 timmar sedan


    • zdarlighter


      10 timmar sedan

      is that clipped?

  75. Renato Žuklija Dellsand

    Renato Žuklija Dellsand

    11 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  76. jaytroll


    11 timmar sedan

    would love to see a tuber on the game with closer on zed jungle. probly was hilarious

  77. Santiago Flores

    Santiago Flores

    11 timmar sedan

    JAJAJAJA que mamon que blipeen a Tyler

  78. zer0edgy


    11 timmar sedan

    hehe xd

  79. Dao Nguyen

    Dao Nguyen

    12 timmar sedan

    His intro's are making less sense every day and I love it.

  80. Jad Bahsous

    Jad Bahsous

    12 timmar sedan

    ive played with that shen before and Im plat. he has horrible mmr and it shows